Tuesday, June 26, 2007

News Flash...

WE MOVED! After a year in Ogden, we tearfully said goodbye to that fair city (which we LOVED, by the way!), and became Orem-ites! One of Larry's business partners purchased an amazing home for real estate investment, and we are the lucky winners that get to live in it! (thanks Troy and Diana!) It definitely has plenty of room, so if anyone wants to take a trip to Utah, you can stay at the Johnson hotel (you may even get your own room! :)

We hated leaving Ogden, the Brandleys, Farr better ice cream, etc., but we are loving our new digs. If I can locate the camera in all of the chaos, I will take pictures to post here. This time I am really going to send a "new address" email, so be waiting for it, ok? If you don't get it in the next 48 hours, CHECK YOUR EMAIL! Then you can either post here, or call us: 805-890-3537.

Oh yeah...Sarah can now crawl, she has two teeth, and pulls herself up to stand. Is she amazing or what? And, in true Johnson fashion, she can down a bowl of rice cereal and peaches in no time flat! Just don't come near her if you want to keep your pizza crust--she is absolutely obsessed!

We love all of you and beg your forgiveness for not being very regular bloggers--but I do have a pretty good excuse: we decided to move and moved in 8 days. How's that for speedy? See if you can top that, Tara! :)