Sunday, January 27, 2008

President Hinckley

I am so grateful for the life and testimony of President Gordon B. Hinckley. As Larry told me that he had passed away tonight, I just stood there, unbelieving. I find that in my everyday speech, my prayers, my conversations, my thoughts, he is always there. I love hearing my children pray for him. I love his smiling, faithful, enthusiastic face as he urges us to "stand a little taller." I feel like I know him because I have been touched so deeply by him. I am sure there are people all over the world who feel exactly the same way. I will miss his straight-forward, unapologetically optimistic attitude and his sense of humor. I will miss his insights and wisdom. I know he was a prophet of God, prepared through his life to humbly and willingly lead the church of Jesus Christ. I love him, and I have always looked up to him and his towering example. I will stand a little taller, and I will try a little harder to follow the teachings of this amazing servant of God. I have been so blessed to learn at his feet.

Saturday, January 26, 2008

I am grateful...

This won't be a long post, but I have to write something after today. I was asked to help the youth in our ward (church congregation) with a cultural activity which culminated in a performance tonight. I have been gone (from home) a lot for this assignment, and needless to say, my family has missed me. The focus was on gratitude. Our ward's theme was gratitude for obedience. The kids sang an awesome song called O-B-E-Y (sang to the tune of Y-M-C-A). It was a long time coming, but we were able to do a great job. I had a great time with the kids, and that meant a lot to me. But it really hit me when I came home tonight (after being gone since 9 am), and the kids were telling me how much they missed me. I was glad to be able to say that I was obedient to what the bishop had asked of me, and that I was grateful for my obedience. I was able to share with my family that I am grateful for what the Lord asks of me. He's probably saying, "Who'd a thunk it? She sure does complain a lot about what she's asked to do."

He's right. As always.

I do complain a lot. But I am going to try to stand a little taller where this is concerned. I have been given so much: a loving Heavenly Father, a merciful Savior, an adoring husband, wonderful children, a healthy body, and a beautiful world to live in. I am grateful. For a living prophet, for scriptures, for amazing examples of Christ-like living all around me, and so much more.

What are you grateful for?

Monday, January 21, 2008

We love to sled!

So, this is my homage to sledding.

We love to go sledding at the Rock Canyon Bowl, and my pictures are dramatic. You'll have to imagine what it was like because all of the pictures I got were of the inside of my pants pocket. Don't you love it when you can hear the click of your cellphone camera as you are sledding down the hill? I sure do.

Oh, if it could only capture sound...

P.S. In case anyone is wondering, boogie boards make EXCELLENT snow sleds!

Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Just a little reminder...

I find I always need to be reminded that most people are just regular folks. So often we think that just because they live outside of our skin, they must feel differently than we do. They must not have the struggles we do. Their lives must run so much smoother than ours does.

Well, most people are people just like me.

They love yummy food. They love to laugh. They love to feel happy. They love to feel good about themselves.

It is the simple stuff that makes us alike. The important stuff.

I want to remember that we all want to be happy, and I want to make someone happy every day.

Even if it is only me. :)

Monday, January 14, 2008

I will go, I will do

I was just reading in 1 Nephi 3:7-8 about Nephi's desire to do whatever the Lord would require because he knew He would help him do whatever that was. Of course, that wasn't the only reason Nephi obeyed, it is just a good reason. I am learning to trust the Lord. It seems like one of those lessons we never finish learning. There is always a new level the Lord can take us to in order to help us trust Him. That's mostly a good thing, but sometimes it is a scary thing. Fear isn't good. Fear is the enemy. Fear keeps me from doing some of the most important things I could possibly do. I have lived in fear long enough. Fear, BE GONE!!!

The other thought I have is that in verse 8, Lehi is "exceedingly glad" that his son has learned such an important principle. It got me to thinking about how I am my children's guide and example to learn to know and love and serve their Father in Heaven. My prayers need to focused on how I can guide them in their journey. The reward, then, is joy in their growth and success (and failure-if it leads them to be humble and keep trying). I want to rejoice in my posterity, but that doesn't come without a price. A daily, sometimes mundane, sacrifice and service.

I will go and do just that.

Sunday, January 13, 2008

New Year, new blog?

Well, maybe just one that gets most posts, right?

I am really going to try to get pictures on here. I got a new camera for Christmas, and I want to learn how to use it. So, of course, I went to the library to get some books on camera basics (fueling the hope that someday I will take pictures like Tara or Cherie). I got one called The Photographer's Eye. I think I read a few pages and then laughed. This book was for die-hards. It talked about composition, design, motion, tension, and on and on. I though tension was just what I felt when I tried to take pictures of my kids. I should be an award-winning photographer by this time with all the tension I felt. But it isn't that kind of tension. YIKES! What have I gotten myself into here? I just want to take pictures, not re-invent the wheel!!! I guess that means I have to actually take some pictures and experiment. I don't really like to do that. I like to know what I am doing. I don't like taking risks--I like being safe and accomplished. Boy, isn't that a recipe for disaster.

Does it feel to anyone else like this blog is a sort of therapy for me?

Read at your own risk. I don't pay by the hour.