Monday, July 26, 2010

Happy Summer!

Have you missed me?

Here's what has gone on this summer so far:
  • a trip to Canada where we enjoyed the temple, family, Slurpees, mosquito bites (NOT!), building a fence, and staying for Canada Day!
  • we built some retaining walls and a basketball court in the backyard
  • we put up the AWESOME trampoline that I have missed terribly
  • we've seen TWO missionaries to the MTC
  • we've seen another Wood grandchild born (yay, Summer!)
  • we've read lots of books from the bookmobile
  • we've taken lots of walks to the park
  • we've done a lot of piano practicing
  • we've done a lot of barbeque-ing
  • we've eaten a lot of fruit :)
  • we've watched a LOT of TV (boo, hoo)
  • we've played a lot with the neighbors
  • we've seen a lot of fireworks
  • we've stayed up late A LOT!! (boo, hoo again)
And there is still a month of summer left!