Friday, September 26, 2008

Thanks for all the great advice!

As usual, I am feeling better today than I did when I wrote that post the other day. Thanks for letting me vent, but also thank you for taking me seriously and giving me some new things to think about. I actually took my kids to the park last night after dinner and before bedtime, and they went to sleep when asked!!!! Oh my goodness. I'll have to repeat that sometime (when I have dinner on the table before 7 p.m.--not a frequent happening around here!)

On another front, I went to see a podiatrist yesterday. Since this summer I have been suffering with a sore heel on my left foot which turned out to be plantar fasciaitis. After seeing the doctor (who knew exactly where to push on the most painful part of my heel--do they teach that in medical school? ACK!), I decided to get some orthotics to correct my super-flat-footedness, and a shot of steroids to help with the immediate pain. And if I thought him touching my heel was painful, there was no preparing for the excruciating horror that was the steroid shot. It absolutely took my breath away. But I walked out of the office with no pain! He told me to expect some aching the next day, but by Sat or Sunday, I would most likely be out of pain. However, last night the pain came back with a vengeance. Maybe this is just the "ache" stage, but I am not too hopeful due to the fact that it is even more painful than before. YIKES!! Can anyone suggest some supportive, stylish shoes so I don't always have to wear a cute outfit completed so wonderfully by running shoes?

As a last note, yesterday was my dear sister's birthday. Happy Birthday, Laurel!! We all love you and hope you are having a wonderful time with your sweet hubby!

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Is it too much to ask?

I am wondering...

Has anyone else out there ever gone somewhere solo (but with all the kids) and was then so fed up by their behavior that after 15 minutes, we turn around and come home with mom bawling her head off?

Just checking.

(if anyone has any tips about how to help your kids behave in public, I'm all ears!)

Be careful what you ask...

I just had to laugh today. I sent William late to school on purpose (it helps with the transition to class time for him, go figure!), and then a few minutes later I heard the door open and shut. I called out to find who it was, only to hear William's voice. I was a little alarmed to find him home already, but he walked in and said, "My teacher told me to have this signed and take it back to school." I looked at the paper, which I assumed was important and hadn't made it out of the backpack the night before, thus eliciting such an unexpected delivery. So I duly signed the form and handed it back to my beaming boy who then scooted off to school.

A few minutes later I was making my bed (or something) and heard some distant music which turned out to be my cell phone. I tried to get it but to no avail. I tried to ring back the person who had called (I didn't recognize the number), and I got the school office (YIKES!!). I stated who I am and why I was calling only to have the secretary hand the phone to the principal. By then I was sweating bullets. What had happened now? I said a quick prayer that I wouldn't bawl over the phone if it was something mortifying or horrifying. The principal very sweetly introduced himself and said that the crisis was over, but that they had lost William. Here's what happened: William got to school late, his teacher probably gave him the sheet of paper and told him what to do, and then she didn't think anything else of it. William, having received a direct command, decided to get it taken care of. He went directly home, got it signed, and brought it back--JUST LIKE HE HAD BEEN ASKED!! Where is the problem with that, I ask you? Poor guy, I bet he got a major scolding, just because he, like Amelia Bedelia before him, took his teacher a bit too literally.

I just love that kid. I hope his teacher (and the principal) do, too.

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Celebrate the end of soccer!

Can you sing it with me? Ce-le-brate good times, come on! I am one grateful momma that tonight we'll see the last of the soccer games of the year!!!!!!!!!!! Now, don't get me wrong...I love soccer. I actually do. I played from Under-6 until I was a senior in high school. I LOVE soccer. I think that i just don't like watching soccer (or becoming a crazed-and-screaming-lunatic-sideline mom). My voice needs a break. So I will revel in the ending-ness of it tonight! YAHOO!!!

On a more positive note (actually that last paragraph was quite positive--I wasn't whining, was I?), I get to go to the Conference Center in Salt Lake this Saturday evening to attend the Relief Society General Broadcast. I am SOO excited. I got to go 2 years ago, and now I get to go again (ah, there is a silver lining to moving 3 times in one year). I hungrily anticipate this meeting each year as an opportunity to "get in touch with the real woman inside me." That's right--the real woman inside of me is a daughter of God. And sometimes, amidst the hustle and bustle of busy family life, I forget that all-important identity. I love having a meeting JUST FOR ME (and all the other women in the church), where I don't have to keep anyone but myself quiet for a whole two hours! I wish that all the people who criticize the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints for being a sexist religion could come to this meeting. Here are scores of women, powerful and strong in their own right, leading and discoursing on the doctrines of Christ. Are we, as women in the church, oppressed? NO WAY, JOSE!!!! When I go to this meeting, I feel empowered, understood, loved, cheered on, and so much more. I feel like I can go forth and actually do what I really want to do--be a disciple of Christ in thought and action. Only four more days!

Also, my husband and I talked about the weather yesterday. We were commenting on how much we were looking forward to fall. Larry said, "I just don't think I like summer here. It is WAY too hot." We reminisced about living several years in weather paradise--Ventura County, California. It was gorgeous all year round. I don't think we even owned coats when we lived there (but I had pretty scaly heels from never wearing socks...ever!). But then I decided that if we hadn't had such a sweltering summer, I might not yearn as much for fall. And look so forward to that first snowfall (and the second, and the third...). I actually love having seasons. I also loved having fantastic weather always, but it did get a little boring. Yesterday we saw overcast skies, rain, sun with "cotton ball" clouds, and then in the evening we drove up the canyon to ride the ski lift at Sundance for FHE. And, oh, the colors we saw! The trees are a-changing up in the mountains. I thought I might just die from rapture! I love red trees amidst aspens and evergreens. I thought I had died and gone to heaven. And just think, I didn't get that in CA. There is always something wonderful about wherever you make your home. Bloom where you're planted, so they say. They may just have something there.

Keep posted...I may even try to put up some pictures of the trees we saw last night. But don't get mad at me if I don't, ok? I'll do my best!

have a great day--wherever you live!

Wednesday, September 03, 2008


First, I am not sure I can handle this blog background. It is a bit much for me, so I can't imagine how annoying it must be for many of you (not that anyone is reading this!). You may see another change here soon.

Second, the weather has completely changed! Since when has the weather changed from summer to winter on Labor Day Weekend. Not that I am complaining. We have spent so much time already during the day at the park because we aren't roasting to death out there! It is wonderful to be able to use the park between 11 and 5 instead of hiding out in the air conditioned house waiting for it to cool down. I actually wore a long sleeved shirt and long sweats on my walk this morning. Now that is a definite nod to the change in the weather. Bring on fall!

One more thing, I am now my ward's choir director. I have been going through music for the last couple of weeks, and I am LOVING it. Let's hope someone actually comes to practice. bring on the Christmas music! Do any of my Oxnard ward choir members want to move out here and be in my choir? Please? Pretty please?

Monday, September 01, 2008

Whoa--I missed August

I am such a blog-slacker. But I guess that means I have a life, right? Everyone else must have a lot of time on their hands or something. (just trying to make myself feel better, I guess)

Well, August was a whirlwind. What with getting ready for school to start, Doug's wedding, all the house guests (we love you all!), the storytelling festival, our 11th anniversary, and on and on, time just flew. We are still getting tomatoes, and that makes me very happy. We've had tons of family here, which makes me even happier (especially when they bring dill pickle chips! :). School has started for three of my four kids, and so has soccer and music classes/lessons. I am finally feeling what everyone else has been feeling for years--can I just have about 5 more hours in the day (when everyone else is sleeping)?

Hadland is in 4th grade, William started kinder, and Lauren is in Miss Ann's preschool. hadland and William are also playing soccer, and they both also just got back into their music lessons/classes. Finally Hadland is getting back into scouting as well. It will be a miracle if I can keep sane through my week. I think I better become a planning pro!

For our anniversary Larry took me overnight to Sundance. I couldn't have imagined such a wonderful getaway (except if it were longer). We had an amazing suite right next to the river (think sounds of the water from every open window) with window boxes full of pillows just waiting for an avid reader to stake them out, dinner at the Foundry grill (scrumdiddlyumptious food), and then off to "A Midsummer Nights' Dream" at the open air theatre up there. The play had an opening act called the "Thrillionaires." I actually enjoyed that more than the play. They are a broadway musical-style improv group. I almost passed out from laughing so hard. It was exactly what I needed. I will definitely be seeing them again, that is for sure.

Speaking of laughing, I was so glad that my parents came for the Storytelling festival, and that I braved taking my kids with me. It was so much fun. I just love Carmen deedy and Bill Harley. I also loved being introduced to Kevin Kling, Motoko and Jay O'Callahan, and so many more. We had such a great time and were able to go both nights to the Scera Shell for the Fave stories and Laughing night. We also ate lots of yummy stuff at home and abroad. Does it get any better? Good company, good laughs, and good food? I am seriously so blessed :)

On a final note, I really am blessed. I have begun walking in the wee hours with a good friend of mine from my ward, and she truly is an inspiration in so many ways. Such a humble, devoted servant of the Lord with charity in her heart (and a great sense of humor to boot!). I don't even mind getting up a 0' dark thirty to go. Now that's saying somethin'!

Hope September finds you well!