Friday, November 28, 2008

I am thankful

Oh, yes I am. I am thankful for a husband who loves me, children who give me hugs at random moments (and go to bed, eventually), siblings and in-laws who laughingly tolerate and appreciate me, parents who sacrificed so much for me (and still do--thanks mom and dad, for coming for L's bday!), and for dear, sweet friends who take time to talk AND listen.

I am thankful to have hope. I am so thankful that I know there is Someone taking care of me, even if I don't realize it. I am glad there is Someone to listen, to care, to understand. I am thankful that there is Someone who loves me, flaws, fear, and all, and is always cheering me on.

What more could a girl ask for?

(except maybe a Trader Joe's nearby...)

Friday, November 21, 2008

If you are wondering about Clearplay

I've had a request for info on Clearplay. In the other post, I've also put a link. Check it out--it is SO worth it!

"You don't have to be perfect"

I was reminded of this thought this morning by a dear, dear friend. So often I feel like I do need to be perfect in order to get the divine help that we need. However, I make mistakes and that is all part of the process. BECAUSE I make mistakes, I need divine help. And He is willing to give it. Thank goodness, right?

I have been prompted lately to be very, very grateful. I am, and I am working to be even more grateful because I have so much to be grateful for. I have been counting them lately, and it really, really helps.

Thursday, November 20, 2008

First I have to make a disclaimer... (and don't forget to look at the other post from today--there is a really cute picture of Sarah)

My family watches all our movies with Clearplay. What is clearplay you ask? It is a DVD player that filters normal movies you rent from Blockbuster, etc. It basically takes out all the stuff you wish wasn't in there in the first place. And we absolutely cannot live without it.

That being said, when I recommend movies to people, I always have to remind them that I may not have seen the whole movie. That really confuses most people. But I am glad that I didn't see "that one scene" that ruined a perfectly good movie.

I also have to say that I love my treadmill. I know that seems to be a non sequitur (doesn't follow). But my treadmill has a TV on it. And I hooked a DVD player up to it. Now I can run more than 30 minutes at a time because I can do it while watching a movie. Luuuuucky, eh?

Tonight I finished a movie that I really loved. It is called P.S. I love you. Now, I KNOW that a TON of stuff was taken out of the movie. You know that the dialogue is a little spicy when the movie seems to be muted for several seconds at a time. And I am pretty sure one of "those scenes" was bleeped, but clearplay is so seamless that I couldn't tell for sure. It made me laugh and cry. I saw a little bit of myself in the main character--sometimes unwilling to embrace change, afraid to get out of her comfort zone, etc. I really liked it. And watch out for William--he's hot. (it felt pretty weird to write that, but he had killer dimples, ok?)

So just know that although I liked the movie, if you want to see it, enter at your own risk. Or even better, treat yourself to a Clearplay DVD player. After all, Christmas is right around the corner. You won't be sorry. I promise!

Yet this apple doesn't fall far from the tree

So, I just have to let you know that when I am in public with my offspring and don't want to make a scene to call them to me, I just make a ch-ch sound in their general direction. You wouldn't think that would be very effective, but actually it is. Almost every time the child I am "calling" turns immediately when I do my little summoning sound. Now, I am not going to say that they come every time, but I can at least get their attention initially.

The other day I got to see just how well this little sound had sunk in to their little psyches. I am notorious for telling my children "just a sec" when they ask me for something, only to completely forget about them and their request. Sarah, my 2-year-old, has got me all figured out. One day she REALLY wanted to show me something. Of course, I told her to hold on, Mommy would be there "in a sec." She was having none of that. She grabbed my hand, said "CH!" and yanked me toward what she wanted me to see. I just stared at her. Did I really just hear what I thought I heard? Naw, but it was funny, right?

A couple days after that, she did it again, only adding "come!" after the yank. That time I had to laugh. She is SO like me in so many ways. I need to be careful with this awesome power over my shadow...

Monday, November 17, 2008

The apple falls FAR from the tree

As I went to sleep last night, I happened to glance over at my daughter sleeping on a mat in my room. What I saw warmed my heart at the same time it completely surprised me. My daughter was curled up on her pillow, cuddling a little baby doll. How sweet! And so unlike me. I think the first babies I ever cuddled were my own (or maybe my younger siblings--although my memory is so bad that I don't remember). I was never a "doll girl". I was a trampoline, soccer, park, bike girl. Not that being a doll girl doesn't have its merits...I just didn't have those merits (or rather, I didn't have them in abundance--how's that for positive?!). I have to say that seeing her there, being a mini-mommy, really touched me. So I turned over in bed to Larry and said, "honey, look at Lauren, that would be such a sweet picture" and promptly she opened her eyes and was completely awake. YIKES! Who sleeps that lightly? NOT ME, that is for sure!

Monday, November 10, 2008

Don't be fractious

I just had to post this. Larry was telling me about his elder's quorum lesson yesterday. All of the RS/Priesthood classes focused on the Joseph Smith lesson full of his letters to Emma. In one of them, Joseph advised Emma, "don't be fractious to them."

The big question was: what does fractious mean?

My favorite answer: don't break their legs.

Alternate I thought of late last night: don't let them do math

Just another celebration of the belly laugh. I'm chortling in my joy!

Happy Monday to you all!

Sunday, November 09, 2008

The beauty of a laugh

You need to understand that church worship for us is a monster undertaking. I play the organ for our meetings, and we have four active children. It may not make sense to many of you that those two sentences are related.

But they are.

You see, my wonderful husband plays "single daddy" for more than half of the general worship meeting at our church (called Sacrament Meeting). Now for a mom, that seems like no big deal. We "single parent" all the time. Everyday. All day long (and sometimes into the night). But for a dad it is a little intimidating. Add another layer for the fact that our children should be on their best behavior so as not to disturb the worship of the others of the congregation near us. Add another layer for the fact that our family has been blessed with strong voice capacities. Then add another layer for siblings that can use their superpowers for good and evil (but usually the latter :).

Boy, that is a lot of layers. Kind of like photoshop. But not quite.

Fast forward to after church.

I meet Larry in the car, and he is laughing. With oreo crumbs between his teeth. That makes me laugh. So we are both laughing in our car after church.

And the reason that I am blogging about something so insignificant is that, for us, it isn't. It is a big deal. We are laughing.

Larry made a wise observation.

"It is a lot more fun to laugh than cry."


Tuesday, November 04, 2008

William's birthday

Let's not get technical on dates, ok? I am within a couple of weeks, give or take a day (or two). Nevertheless, here is a little photo essay on our big boy #2 and his big #6 day. (and yes, he chose the cake).

Trip to the Punkin Patch

I know I misspelled it, but I couldn't help spelling it eggzactly the way my kids say it. And, come on now, you know you say it like that sometimes!

So I took the girls to the patch with Lauren's preschool group. We had a great time walking along in the dirt and playing at both of the "parks" within the pumpkin patch. What fun on a beautiful, crisp autumn day.

Have I told you lately that I love fall? I do, I really do. I love the crispness in the air. The colors vibrantly spilling out everywhere. And I LOVE red trees. I can't get enough of red trees! My kids know it, and they alert me to any wonderful specimens I may have missed. Gotta love that!

On another note, we took a Sunday evening drive to Squaw Peak as a family. We got some amazing pictures of the sunset view. It was so much fun to see the colors as they fade away. I think I wish this part of the year could go on forever. I just can't get enough of the changing colors (oh, did I say that already? :).

Here are a few pics. (I know, I know. Pick yourself up of the floor, why dontcha?)

It's official!

I missed October!


How did I do that?

Oh, well. Looking forward...

November's going to be grand!

P.S. Happy Belated birthday, Ella!

P.P.S. Happy Actual Birthday, Dad! LOVE YOU BOTH!