Thursday, November 15, 2007

Is it Christmas yet?

I am so glad to be decorating so early. It is so festive, and I LOVE it. Maybe next year I will decorate before Halloween (just like all of the stores!). But maybe not. My kids keep asking me why we have our Christmas stuff up and it isn't even Thanksgiving yet. They just don't get it...but they will!

Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Christmas time is here!

My tree is up. Fa la la la la la la la la.

'Nuf said!

Monday, November 12, 2007

So, is it possible?

I LOVE reading a friend's blog about how she lost 70 pounds with faith and a whole lotta work. And I was wondering today...

Is it possible to be an LDS mom and not have treats for EVERY occasion?

I know some people must because there are thin people in the church, but I can't figure it out.

Every event has to have refreshments (sugary ones, I might add).

Family Home Evening has refreshments (only sugary ones, my family tells me).


Maybe it is because I only go to things where they have refreshments. My bad, I guess.

You don't really see me at lectures or the museum, or classes without the promise of refreshments. But then, I must be training my children to not pay attention to anything that doesn't end with brownies. Maybe that is why they struggle with sacrament meeting. There isn't any treat promised when it is over. (Well, I guess Lauren does get a nursery snack, but since she is the worst behaved one in the bunch, that doesn't hold with my hypothesis, so I will just ignore it!)

I wonder what would happen if we had an activity with no treats. Would everyone decide not to come next time? Is it that ingrained in us as a people? I don't really want to answer that question either.

Maybe that is why I am obsessed with treats. They are a regular part of my routine. If I didn't offer treats at FHE, my family would burn me at the stake. I am NOT kidding. larry would be first in line with the matches (and not just because he won't let the kids touch matches!)

Yet, I am not strong enough to 'Just Say No.' Or maybe I am and I just don't know it because I haven't stretched that way yet.

Just a bunch of silly thoughts. I am kind of embarrassed that I am posting them, but once it is out there, I can't take it back. And that is a good thing. Writing out my thoughts is very enlightening, mostly because I don't think about these things that often. I am usually overwhelmed with trying to find the baby wipes!

Friends and lovers...

OK-kind of a scary title, but just stick with me, you'll get it.

Along the same thought as earlier, the best friends are the ones who inspire you.

Friendship takes a lot of work--time, love, patience, understanding, forgiveness, etc.

But it is so worthwhile.

I have been blessed with many friends who I totally admire and am in awe of.

They are incredible mothers, empathetic listeners, movers and shakers (unfortunately, I am more of a shaker myself), loving wives and friends, and followers of Christ.

Isn't it wonderful to have someone in your life who loves you for who you are and believes you can become even more? A person who knows your weaknesses and is willing to help you overcome them?

As I write this, I am reminded of my very best friend, my dear husband. He loves me when I stink, when I am sick, when I am mean, and when I despair. He has taught me so much about unconditional love. I don't know where I would be without him. I would definitely be much sadder and lonelier. Larry believes in me even when I can't believe in myself. And he thinks I am beautiful.

Am I blessed or what?

Friends lift us up where we belong

Heavenly Father loves me.

One way I know is that He sends me friends that lift me.

I have had many days brightened,

Many burdens lightened,

Frowns changed to smiles,

Frustrations and anxieties understood,

and so much more.

I am grateful for friends--they make us laugh, live, and learn. (and a lot of times, they make us yummy treats--hint, hint).

(why am I so obsessed with food?) :)

Saturday, November 10, 2007


I love belly laughs. Yet, I have a hard time relaxing with a movie. But that all changed when we saw Napoleon Dynamite. I don't think I ever laughed so hard in my entire life. I still laugh when I even think about it. I was reminded today of how much I love to belly laugh and that Napoleon is a wonderful example.

I am going to focus on things I love. I thought I sounded a little grumpy with my anti-Halloween kick the last couple of days.

I love Stan Kenton. For those of you who did not grow up with my dad, I'm sorry! Just kiddin'. The reason I say that is because my dad is an incredible trombone player with great taste in music. I grew up with Stan Kenton, Dave Brubeck, and so many more great musicians. I think big band music is some of my favorite! I just love a good brass section!

So, in my home growing up, it just wasn't Christmas until you heard the opening bars of "O Tannenbaum" by Stan Kenton and his Orchestra. I know you aren't here with me, but I am humming it right now (and if I was super cool, I would put a link to the music right here--, but I am only a little cool, and someone needs to teach me how to do that). It is very subdued (trombones I think, with a little percussion) and then grows and GROWS into a fabulous musical treat.

So, go listen to some Stan Kenton, or anything you like to listen to for Christmas. Go on, i dare you!

Friday, November 09, 2007

Another reason...

I thought of a new reason why I don't like Halloween...


The only music I can think of is "Have you seen the ghost of John?" or our "Boo!" song from Let's Play Music. Oh, and there's always Berlioz's "Symphonie Fantastique" with the head being guillotined at the end (nice image, eh?).

This is why I love Halloween to end. I can officially start the

CHRISTMAS MUSIC!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Now there is a holiday I love--replete (another good vocab word) with excellent music.

Stan Kenton, MoTab, Ella, King's Singers--you're on for the duration!

So, everyone, get out some Christmas music and let's celebrate that Halloween is OVER!!

(And yes, I did have some candy last night :( Oh well, there's always today to "Just Say No!")

Thursday, November 08, 2007

True confessions

Why do I check in on everyone else's blog EVERY SINGLE DAY and then just disgustedly skip my own because I know I am a blog-slacker and don't want to be reminded? (did I just answer my own question?)

Well, sickness has invaded our happy home. I don't want to gross you out with the details, but just know that I am doing A LOT of laundry! Oh, boy. I am just livin' in the laundry room!

I know I may be the only one, but I don't like Halloween. Maybe it is because my raging sweet tooth has millions of opportunities to satiate itself (nice word, huh?), or maybe it is because my craftiness reaches its limits after about 2 seconds of brainstorming about costumes. Or maybe it is because I am the biggest wimp in the world when it comes to scary stuff. I just know that I breathe a sigh of relief when November 1st comes around, and I have made it through yet another Halloween without my kids needing to go trick or treating in their birthday suits!

I am also very limited in my own costume. I have a super-cute Halloween apron that I picked up from the Relief Society rummage table a few years back, and that is all she wrote. I tell everyone that I am dressed as a domestic goddess (which is definitely a science fiction for me), and I get a few laughs. But not many. And I am okay with that. Really.

So, I am standing next to the hiding place of the Halloween candy (i am the only one who knows where it is) wondering if I am going to indulge. Maybe. Darn that Halloween!

Stay tuned--i might post more than once this month! :)