Sunday, February 18, 2007

3-day weekend sickies

How is it that whenever there is a 3-day weekend someone always gets sick (or more than one someone).

This weekend we all stayed home from church (larry got to go to sacrament meeting) lest we "share, share, share" all our coughing, runny noses, fever germs. It takes a very special person to make Sunday feel like the Sabbath even when you can't make it to church.

Hadland said to me today, "Mom, this day is SOOOO long." I replied, "I know. It makes a difference when we don't go to church, doesn't it?" He agreed. Then added, "I don't think I want to miss church again, ok?" You bet, buddy!

I have to say that I am very glad that we have BYUTV. I have watched a Women's Conference address by Ardeth Kapp a couple of times today entitled, "Encircled about in the arms of His love." Good stuff!!

We'll see what tomorrow brings. I am just grateful that there is no vomiting (knock on wood). I'll take runny noses anyday.

Thursday, February 15, 2007

Boy, has V-Day changed!!

I think that as you go along in life, you just "keep swimmin'!" Valentine's Day used to be a big bone of contention in our marriage. I, of course, wanted the flowers and chocolate, perfume, jewelry, whatever the media said that romance dictates. Larry would say that it was just a commercialized thing to sell more candy. He would bring them on Feb. 1 or Oct. 28 or June 13. I would feel sorry for myself and buy me a candy bar or something.

Then life goes on. Like yesterday.

I took all the kids to take pictures at the department store (mostly because I don't have a Cherie or a Tara who lives near me ;), and when I got home literally hours later, I was ready to surrender for the day. It hit me that I didn't want the big "wine and dine" rigamarole, I just wanted the kids to go to bed and be by ourselves. No chocolate, no jewelry, just TIME ALONE.

So finally, at about 9:30 p.m., I sat down on the couch next to my honey. We shared a bottle of Martinelli's and wished each other a happy valentine's day. How my wishes have changed. I don't need anything to make me happy, I just need my special someone!

But, Larry, if you are reading this, I still do like flowers :)

I love you, honey!

Monday, February 12, 2007

I took a step out into the dark today!!

I know this sounds like I did something amazing, but it may seem amazing only to me. I put together a photo collage including each member of our family. I am going to try to post it here, but if you don't see it, I was not successful! :(

I just saw it, and I am bummed that it is so grainy. But you can just email me, and I will send you the digital image so you can see all of us in our loving glory!

Today Sarah turns four months old, and she had her first taste of rice cereal. She was really excited about it, but I couldn't tell if it was because I was holding something in my hand that she wanted to touch or that she really wanted the food. Needless to say, we have embarked on a new journey with her. The bet is on to see if she sleeps longer at night (Larry sure thinks she will).

Friday, February 09, 2007

Lauren gets affectionate...

And Sarah gets annoyed. I know I have already blogged today, but I saw this picture and just had to post it. Lauren LOVES to hug and kiss her sister. However, Sarah sees things from a different perspective. The look on her face in this photo just sums it all up. I can just hear Sarah thinking, "She's a great sister and all, but does she have to always be touching me?"

Gotta love the siblings!

Special friend day!

Hadland had a very important event at school today--Special Friend Day! Each of the second graders at his school got to choose a "special friend" to spotlight. It had to be an adult but not mom or dad. He chose his Grandma Johnson. He wrote a nice tribute to her and drew a FABULOUS picture of his beautiful grandma. But the best part of all was that, although Grandma lives in Canada, she was able to attend the special friend day. What a treat for Hadland (and for Grandma)! We love our family so much, and we are so grateful to have them with us when we can!!! Thanks, Grandma and Grandpa Johnson, for being here today!!!!


Thursday, February 08, 2007

She's a rollin'!!

Sarah is officially rolling over! She has been rolling over quite a lot, but tonight I am making it official! The reason...? You might have guessed it...the couch! I left her for about one second so I could grab something on the table. As I was about to walk around the corner, I took a quick look back only to see her perched, on her side, at the edge of the couch. Mom-adrenaline kicked in and I made it back to save her from falling. YIKES!!!!! Let's just say she will be chillin' on the floor from now on!

Here's a look at what our little darlin' can do...

Saturday, February 03, 2007

Happy Birthday Melissa!!

I was just getting my daily dose of visiting my friends' blogs, and I saw the Basuas: Adam did a big video montage of pictures of Melissa through the years. She's finally turned 30--Welcome to the club! You are such a GREAT mom. All the pictures just made me realize all over again what a great person she is. We are so grateful for all of our wonderful friends! We love all of you so much, and we miss you!

We had a terrific visit with a lot of family in the last week or so, and for that we say THANK YOU!! Thanks to Larita (and Ethan), Val, Doug, Delyle, Shauri and their family, Larry's Mom and Dad (who, incidentally, celebrated their 50th wedding anniversary this week--CONGRATULATIONS and WE LOVE YOU!), my Mom and Dad, Nikki and Treas, Michael, Uncle Preston, Aunt Maurine and their family, the Browns (who are almost family, right?), and so many more! We are so blessed with a great family!!

Friday, February 02, 2007

Belly laughing...

I love friends that can make you laugh til it hurts. I just heard Larry on the phone with our dear friend Alexis. She is the BEST for belly laughing.

We love you, Alexis!!