Monday, November 27, 2006

Thankful for little ones!

Well, Darla just had her baby yesterday, and boy is she a BEAUTY!!

Then there is our little sweetheart, Sarah. She is such a joy!

I am thankful for first smiles and first coos. I just love to keep her in my lap and "talk" with her about everything and anything.

What a blessing these little ones are in our lives!

Oh, and another thing...We're thankful for visiting Grandmas!!!

Saturday, November 25, 2006

Still grateful...

Today I am grateful for:

* AWESOME game-winning final seconds in football games (GO BYU!)

* a baby that goes to bed before 11 p.m. (too bad I didn't)

* a room lit by the white lights of a Christmas tree

* soft white sugar cookies with pink frosting and sprinkles (you know what I'm talking about)

Life is good!

Friday, November 24, 2006

We're grateful for the Brandleys!!!

We just spent most of the day with the Brandleys--eating, playing Catan, laughing, hugging, and giggling about the fact that their new baby will be here in less than 48 hours (hopefully)!

We love them so much, and we think that they are the best thing in Ogden!!! They make life here so much better, and we think they are the BEST!!

WE LOVE YOU GUYS! We are so thankful to be here with you.

P.S. Another thing to be thankful for--online Christmas shopping! 'nuf said!

This time I did forget!

Well, isn't that just like me? I remembered early on Wednesday, and then with all the hubbub of Thanksgiving Day, I forgot to give thanks.

We did something new for Thanksgiving this year. On Larry's recommendation, we went to Golden Corral (a buffet restaurant) for our Thanksgiving meal. I have to say that I had a hard time with the idea because in my family growing up, Thanksgiving was THE BIG HOLIDAY! All my mom's family came, and we had a major food fest! That is what our family does best--eat and talk :) !!

I missed the talking (and the eating, too) with all of my family, but I had my little family around me, and that was wonderful. There were no dishes to clean up, but there weren't any leftovers either. It is so funny how I resist change (just about as much as Larry resists stress!).

Anyway, I am grateful for:

* newborn "real" smiles

* tickle attacks (on my kids--NOT me!)

* ice cream

* getting the Christmas tree out of storage

* Ella's Swinging Christmas and...

* Stan Kenton!

Happy Thanksgiving to everyone!

Wednesday, November 22, 2006

I remembered early!

I am grateful for:

* showers
* indoor plumbing
* email

See, this is getting easier. It is only 9:35 in the morning, and I have so much to be grateful for!

Tuesday, November 21, 2006

I almost forgot!

I AM grateful--I just have to remind myself sometimes. Today brought these thoughts to mind:

* I am grateful for a big, long walk today
* I am grateful for a good husband who reminds me to be a good neighbor
* I am grateful to be able to turn off the TV
* I am grateful for "Signing Time" (Leah's farm is my fave)
* I am grateful for not freaking out when my boy is in the mud
* I am grateful for big trees with yellow leaves
* I am grateful for FLOAM
* I am grateful for nursing pads

Thanks, Cherie for doing day dos so I could remember to do mine!

Monday, November 20, 2006

Grateful? OF COURSE!!!

I knew that I needed to post something new (since each day I check it to see if anyone has posted a comment--I'm so glad to get those!!!!), but I didn't really think I had anything positive to say. My days are full of "mommy stuff" and it isn't always a pretty picture. Those of you with kids can relate, I am sure.

So, after I clicked on some of my favorite blogs this morning, I decided to be a TOTAL copycat (sorry Cherie), and do a "week of gratitude" on my blog. Since today is day one, here are some of the things I came up with:

* a loving, supportive husband who asks me hard but important questions
* a newborn who only woke up once last night
* a little girl who can charm my socks off with one super-smile
* a boy who loves to play in the dirt with his boots on
* a boy who is so much like me it is kind of scary (but I love him for it)
* a home that keeps me warm when it is cold outside
* the ability to make AWESOME chocolate chip cookies
* new jammies from a thoughtful sister
* all the ingredients for "yam and apple" in my house as we speak
* music, music, music
* knowing most of my "kindred spirits" are but a phone call away

Thank you, Cherie, for giving me the impetus to chronicle some of the MANY things I am grateful for. And any of you who are having a pity party, try this...and the party's over!!!

to be continued...

Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Time for a change...

I have been inspired. A good friend just blogged about a haircut, and I realized that I am WAY overdue!

My hair is now to the middle of my back, all one length (if you don't count the hairs that have broken off near where I put my ponytail holder), and I desperately need a change.

So the call goes out--what do you all do when you need to find a new style? Do you look in those magazines? Do you watch the celebs? Do you ask you mom/sisters/friends/significant other??What I really need is someone who knows me, who knows what would look good on me, and who can realistically tell me if I have it in me to style my hair the way it needs to be.

Any ideas, anyone? Does anyone know a ROCKIN' hair stylist in the Ogden area? Does anyone know a good style for a girl with a round face (think pie tin) and longish hair? I am ready for anything! Just something new.

Monday, November 06, 2006

a note from the bleary bunch...

We love our Sarah!!! We love to sleep, too, but I guess one out of two ain't bad. I have a lot of respect for parents of several children because I am realizing that taking care of a couple of children is NOTHING compared to trying to deal with a screaming infant, a screaming toddler, a sassy four-year-old and a "selective hearing" seven-year-old. But, I am glad to be a mom. (And I am open to any and all parenting tips you all can give me.)

We are all looking forward to the first snow. Larry told Hadland about trick-or-treating back in Barnwell in a blizzard, and so H was hoping for some snow on Halloween. But no white stuff yet. Hadland is going to be a funny one to watch in the snow because he is so excited. I will definitely have the video camera out for that one!

I am a little worried about the harsher weather--I can't even remember to put on a jacket until I go out and FREEZE outside. All the locals here think this is such a mild fall, and we are chilled to the bone. I just have to be sure to keep my kids well-clothed especially Sarah. I just think that if I can keep socks, shoes, tights, and jackets on the kids, we'll be fine!

Also, we had a "small world" experience at church yesterday. Kory Checketts (and his wife) are in our ward. How old is he anyway? Last time I saw him, I think he was in elementary school. Man, I think I was even his piano teacher. Time sure flies!