Tuesday, July 03, 2007


You know how your mind drifts as you are shoveling food into a baby's mouth? (or maybe that's just me :)

I just figured out that apart from Santa Barbara and Spain, I have lived only in cities that start with O, N or P for the last 28 years! How's that for a pattern? I grew up in Newark, CA (since 1979), then moved to Provo for college, then on to Spain for a mission (we're not counting cities in which I served there), then back to Provo to finish school and marry my sweetheart. Then we moved to Newark, NY, for 18 months, onto Santa Barbara, then Oxnard, Ogden, and lastly, Orem.

What's even more cool is the N, O, and P are neighbors in the alphabet. Neat, huh? (Yes, my mind is always spinning with exciting information like this--imagine what it is like for Larry to talk to a loony like me all the time! :)