Saturday, October 20, 2007


I just love a first snow. Actually, I love any snow. Having spent almost all of my formative years in sunny California (and many more after), I get so excited about the white stuff. And my children do not fall far from the tree. Today was a grey, wet day until at about 5:30 tonight when I hear, "MOM, IT'S SNOWING!!!!" All three of my children who walk were running around the front room, screaming in delight. I joined them in their enthusiasm. Yet, the practical mother inside me said, It is too cold for them to go outside. Besides, it will be dark in a little while. I have to find their winter clothes in the garage. We'll wait for another day to play in the snow. Then, BAM! The kid in me woke up. It is the first snowfall, you stick-in-the-mud Mom. Let them play!! I am happy to say that I listened to the aforementioned kid, and I let my kids loose in the yard with promises of chicken noodle soup and cocoa when they were done. Oh, how I LOVE snow. I am glad I let them experience it, too. They were making snow monsters and chasing each other around the yard. Next time I'll be out there with them, with Sarah in tow.

On another note, I have been thinking a lot about service today. My mother was a tireless example of service to all those around her. I want to set the same example for my children. Does anyone have any good ideas about serving with a family of small children? I want my kids to know that, even if they think they are deprived of many things, they don't know the first thing about real deprivation. I don't want them to be depressed, mind you, I just want them to experience how other people live and to be grateful for the opportunities to share with others instead of always thinking of ourselves. OK, that was a really long-winded way to say--Any ideas for serving with a young family?


Sweetarita said...

I am so glad that you had fun playing in the snow!! We haven't got any yet but the other day I took all the kids to the park and we played in the leaves! Getting them in the car and going was a huge ordeal but once we were there we had a blast and each kid had to take their turn diving into the pile. Those definately are the moments we as mothers have to step back and take it all in-those are the memories our kids will remember! Maybe we will have to create some of those memories at Christmas with all the kids together!!
love you!

The Andersons said...

Snow Monsters? Never heard of those. Someone will have to tell me about those sometime. Or maybe you can post some pictures of what they look like.
Later, Thomas