Thursday, June 18, 2009

Just got back...

From Girl's Camp!

We were rained out two of the three days, but we had a blast!!! I am still recovering from the absolute sleep deprivation, but I just had to post my fave song:

The Sprite Song (sung to the tune of Do a deer--Sound of Music)

Dough--is how I buy my sprite,
Ray--the guy that brings my Sprite,
Me--is who will drink my Sprite,
Far--a long way to the john,
So--I think I'll have a Sprite
La--Oh yes, I'll have a Sprite,
Tea?--No thanks, I'll have a Sprite,
and that brings us back to Sprite!

I just laughed and laughed. Hope you will too!


liz said...

Welcome back! I am sure the young women loved having you there, especially singing such crazy camp songs and laughing all the way :)

Sweetarita said...

That is a good one! Can't wait to see you guys!