Monday, July 26, 2010

Happy Summer!

Have you missed me?

Here's what has gone on this summer so far:
  • a trip to Canada where we enjoyed the temple, family, Slurpees, mosquito bites (NOT!), building a fence, and staying for Canada Day!
  • we built some retaining walls and a basketball court in the backyard
  • we put up the AWESOME trampoline that I have missed terribly
  • we've seen TWO missionaries to the MTC
  • we've seen another Wood grandchild born (yay, Summer!)
  • we've read lots of books from the bookmobile
  • we've taken lots of walks to the park
  • we've done a lot of piano practicing
  • we've done a lot of barbeque-ing
  • we've eaten a lot of fruit :)
  • we've watched a LOT of TV (boo, hoo)
  • we've played a lot with the neighbors
  • we've seen a lot of fireworks
  • we've stayed up late A LOT!! (boo, hoo again)
And there is still a month of summer left!


Tera said...

Happy Summer! Though this mom is counting down the days till schools back in session! Missed you blogging, hopefully it won't be so long between blog posts again!

Photo's by Shan said...

We've stayed up late and slept in. lol Summer is almost over! Boohoo!