Thursday, March 08, 2007

I'm better, thanks!

Thank you for all your kindness. It is good to be surrounded by wonderful family and friends. I am grateful for all of your long-distance hugs and good wishes.

Things are a little better--if someone could just convince Sarah to sleep longer than 1 1/2 hours at a time at night. Larita, I don't know how you have survived this long. You are amazing.

Enough of the gloomy stuff. I am so grateful to be a wife and mother. I have a loving husband and four beautiful children. They are a bunch of whippersnappers, but I love them just the same. Most of all, I am grateful to my Savior, Jesus Christ, for His love, patience, and mercy. He makes it all better. Really. I can go through anything because I know He understands and will help me make it through. He helps me believe that I am not a loser after all!


Anonymous said...

My Melanie is back!
Glad to hear you are feeling better. I love yah. Lack of sleep can really make us feel a little crazy.
Big hugs from Texas. Have a great day. We love yah!

SweetaRita said...

I'm so glad that you are doing better today. All I keep telling myself is "This too shall pass!!"
The lack of sleep is tough but I'm happy to say that Ethan is sleeping much better now(he should be at 10 months old!!)Don't worry, one day we'll be little old wrinkled ladies and wishing we could get these days back!
Love ya,