Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Just kidding!

Well, Sarah WAS finally sleeping through the night, and then...yep, you guessed it--She got sick and is back sleeping with us. Major bummer! Can you be more tired than totally sleep deprived? Is that possible? Well, I am livin' it!

Life in Ogden is good. The weather today was AMAZING!! Not a cloud in the sky--I just love that! I am looking forward to gardening a bit (although I am missing my year-round garden in Oxnard) and sitting out on the back lawn looking up at the clouds. If I could just get my dishes done, I could play! How is that for motivation?

I just got the invite to the Wood family reunion for this summer (BTW, so glad I am not in charge!), and I am so excited to head to the beach! I can't wait for all the food, family, and fun! (and maybe not in that order).

We just set up an "art studio" and reading corner for the kids in the basement. Now I just need to find a good garage sale recliner to go down there and we can actually spend a day not huddled around the TV! What an idea!!!

I just realized that we only have a little more than a month of school left. Yikes! Where has this year gone? We just purchased a work of art by a little known (but very talented) young artist. You may have heard of him...Hadland Johnson's the name. His school had an art sale and we were just able to afford a masterpiece featuring a vase full of flowers. Very inspiring, indeed! Larry and I were just commenting to each other that it was most definitely better than anything we could have done at that age and quite possibly better than either of us could do now. I know that art must not be genetic--both of H's parents are very artistically challenged (visual arts, that is). Just in case you are wondering about our self esteem, we are aware of our many and varied talents in artistic and other areas! I'm good enough, I'm smart enough, and doggone it, people like me!


Melanie said...

Hey Mel!!!!!!!

I hope you don't mind, but Darla gave me your blog address and I've just spent a good amount of time reading through your happenings...

Can I just tell you, you rock! You were an amazing companion and you continue that legacy as a wonderful mother. I'm glad to know someone shares some of my similar struggles. Our kiddos can be so challenging. There have been sooooo many times I think to myself, "Okay, how am I going to handle this one??" As challenging as they are, what a wonderful blessing! What mother doesn't beam when talking about her children? I feel that when I read your posts. I see you in my mind, "beaming with a smile!"...maybe a sleep deprived smile, but nonetheless, a smile!

Well, just thought I'd say hi. I've linked you to my blog ( so I can keep better tabs on you my friend! Sure love ya!


cherie said...

so glad ogden is treating you well. wouldn't you know it? they always get sick right after you accomplish a near miracle. ;)