Sunday, May 27, 2007

Oh boy!

It has been a long time since I blogged, so as you can imagine, there is a lot to say. However, first and most important,

Hadland got baptized this month!!!!

We are so proud of him--it was a special day for all of us! We were so blessed to have had all of Hadland's grandparents there as well as several aunties and uncles! What an amazing experience for our family. Grandpa Wood gave a wonderful talk that Hadland and William were riveted to (that is a miracle in and of itself). We had a lot of help with our little girls (thanks Darla and Delyle!), so it was a novel experience to actually listen to the program. One tends to forget how all-encompassing having children can be (or maybe we can never forget!).

Also, Daddy went away to CA for a business trip, so Mommy decided to suprise him with a new haircut. It was fun to get a totally new style, and believe it or not, I am actually having fun styling it. Now I just have to figure out how to have fun with my face, and I'll be set. Where are you, Tiffany, when I need you? :)


Anonymous said...

Love the haircut and Congratulations Hadland! We miss you guys!

cherie said...

check you out girl!! you look fabulous. absolutely fabulous.
and Hadland doesn't look so bad either. ;) tell him a huge congrats from the Mask family.

love you all!

Sweetarita said...

I love the Hair cut!! You look Marvelous, just marvelous(I hope you read that with a crazy accent!)Tell Hadland a belated congratulations on th e big day. Can you believe that you have a kid that old. Too wierd. We're realy not that old are we??(and I have a boy who will be 12 soon-yikes!!) anyways,we saw mom yesterday and she gave us the lovely gifts. Thankyou so much for the outfit for Ethan and the picture of the girls is great!! Loved them both.
LOve larita

MANUEL said...
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