Tuesday, March 11, 2008

My new favorite groove!

Well, if I was cool like so many of you, I would actually provide a hyperlink to this person's music. However, I find that it is amazing to me that I even know the aforementioned term!

So, Michael Buble is my new favorite singer. Think Frank Sinatra for a different generation. I love Michael's rich voice, and I love singing and dancing around the kitchen while I do the dishes. I could listen to him ad nauseum (and do)!

Also, he kind of reminds me of my bro-in-law.

And, an added bonus--he's a Canuck! I bet he even watches Corner Gas! (all the cool people do, you know!)


Sweetarita said...

I LOVE LOVE Him toooo!!! And yes he is a very cool Canadian!! Glad you found him!

Corri said...

You might not remember me too well from our brief time in Oxnard, but I've enjoyed reading your blog. If you're curious, mine is at sweetandsimplethingsblog.wordpress.com.

I'm intrigued, Melanie. I like the samples that I hear on Amazon. Is there a certain CD that you would recommend?

The Cooks said...

You've gotta have some Buble of course!!! He is awesome!

cherie said...

he's definitely a crooning fave of mine!!