Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Lauren's new word

I thought I had forgotten what she said. Thankfully, Larry reminded me.

Lauren and I were standing in the kitchen. She asked me to cut her some watermelon. I was in the process when she came up with this beauty:

"Mom, didn't we have some of this lasterday?"

I just blinked for a few seconds trying to figure out what she was telling me.

Then I laughed. My girl is very resourceful. If she can't remember the word she is searching for, she'll just make up one that is close.

And she was very close. The combination of last night/week/month and yesterday still has me smiling.

have a gray! (great day)


TM CLAN said...

OH, you are clever, very clever. And she seems to take after you. Cute!!

Thunell Family said...

love it! made me smile! She is so cute...I need her resourcefulness around here! I was having a conversation today and couldn't remember half of the words I needed...good grief. Lauren, some help please? love you all!

liz said...

Oh, I LOVE that word. Fits even more than "yesterday!" Miss you.