Monday, May 04, 2009

Our crazy/silly/roller-coastery story, part one

Ok, just needing to confess: i am a copy catter-dirty ratter. my friends c and a have done this, and i don't want to be left out. it is such a great idea--finally putting down on paper (screen?) the story of us, the beginning. here goes!

Call me scaredy-cat. I loved serving a mission for my church in Barcelona, Spain. And I loved my mission president. Frankly, real life scared the dickens out of me. I didn't want to go home and face trying to live in the world but not of it. I was right to be scared.

My beloved Presidente Tenney understood what I was going through, but, characteristically, he wanted me to buck up and exercise some faith. Which I absolutely needed to do. In my exit interview, we talked about the next step. Marriage. Nope, no boyfriend. Nope, no prospects. So he comforted me, saying that I would marry a very special guy. And he counseled me not to worry if Mr. Wonderful didn't show up for a while (slight paraphrase). Right. OK. Got it, Presidente. No worries.

Fast forward four weeks (past the awkward family pick-up, self-righteous non-released missionary fiasco). Sorry, family. I know how much you wanted to relive the glory days. Tee, hee.

August, 1996. Provo, UT.

I was living in Katy Apartments with my amazing mission companion, Diana. I was starting BYU in a couple of days. A little shell-shocked? You betcha! But, Di was exactly what the doctor ordered. We talked and laughed about Barcelona, and she helped me not be such a weird-o. At least I thought so at the time.

She told me about this guy, Troy, that she had noticed in her last ward. He was cute, and she was hoping to see a little more of him. She told me he had a roommate. Immediately, I was insecure. Dating? I didn't have much experience in that area, and I was scared to death. And I still had a hard time seeing guys with non-missionary haircuts and not thinking they were heathen. To say the least, I was rusty. And nervous. Not a good combination.

So, to ease my troubled mind, Diana suggested going all together to the CES fireside that weekend. OK--that I could do. If nothing else, I could take good notes, right? We're on.

It turned out that we would meet them there. Our whole apartment and various male counterparts swarmed toward the Marriott Center. I didn't even see who Troy was. It was a huge frying pan moment. So many single people, all looking for love. So intimidating. I was anxious and unable to concentrate on the speaker. I don't remember a single thing about the fireside, only that I went home with another roommate and some random guys.

When we got home to the apartment, the fun began. It was crowded. My roomies were obviously very social. I laugh about it now, but the typical BYU Sunday-night activities ensued. We even had a hymn sing (I am cringing even thinking about it). There was a super-tall guy who mentioned that he would sing bass. I pricked up my ears. Tall, dark, and handsome, AND he sings? Jot his name down and file it in the rolodex!

After the virtuous activities, we got a little silly. Troy and his buddy had just returned from Hawaii, and we did some dancing around the room and a lot of laughing. Mr. T(all) D(ark) & H(andsome) had a nice laugh. I was interested.

After they left, Diana pumped me for info. Did I like Troy's friend? Would I want to go out with him? Yes, and yes, I heard myself say. The butterflies began. Would he be interested in me? I hoped so.

Monday passed. He didn't call. I was bummed, but not surprised. I may not have had much dating experience, but even a novice knows the game. Don't act too interested. You don't want the other person to think you are too eager. I thought, maybe he wouldn't call until Wednesday or Thursday.

Friday passed. No call.

No call on Saturday. Majorly bummed. Maybe the chemistry I noticed was just imaginary. Come on in, insecurities.

During the week our home teachers had come by and came up with an idea for a potluck dinner on Sunday night. An international theme. We'd invite a whole bunch of people and they could each bring something to eat from the various places they'd lived or whatever. However, my mom's cousin's son (extra points if you know what relation he'd be to me) had just returned from a mission, so my mom wanted me to accompany her to the "ranch" for sacrament meeting and the ensuing family dinner. Reluctantly (and because my mom has a killer guilt instinct), I drove out to Roosevelt, thinking that as soon as it was over I'd be able to come back and attend the potluck.

And I was hoping Mr. TD&H would be there.

As those of you who know about family events, it went WAY longer than planned. So I was literally flying over country roads back to Provo , praying that Diana wouldn't be mad at me for leaving her in the lurch for our spanish food offering and hoping that a certain guy would still be there.

I walked in the door of my apartment to see Troy and Larry standing, ready to leave. I breathlessly apologized to Diana and the guys for being so late.

Moments later, Mr. TD&H looked me deep in the eyes and said, "You are so beautiful".


to be continued...


Tera said...

Such a great story! Okay, I'm thinking that your mom's cousin's child would be your second cousin once removed? Heck if I know though, that stuff confuses me!

Thunell Family said...

What?!! I don't remember this part of your story! I love Larry...I love how he does NOT mess around...says it like it is. I LOVE reading this. I'll be tuned in...

I love you.

marymary said...

Yay! This is going to be fun.

I'm doing the math (hard for me) and I think you meant 1996 instead of 2006.

Your mom's cousin's child is your second cousin. Your mom's cousin is your 1st cousin once removed. :-)

Your story seems to be going somewhere FAST! If I ever write up mine & Peter's story, it will be verrrrry long and sloooooooow.

I'm totally embarrased to leave this comment with its accompanying time stamp because I was going to go to bed two hours ago and now there's public proof that I stayed up way too late instead. Oh well.

Sweetarita said...

My brother the romantic....or great one liner!! Either way I'm glad you fell for it!

cherie said...

love it! love it! love it!
can't wait to hear more!

Corri said...

Fabulous! I'm so happy that you are doing this!

liz said...

I I am HOOKED! What a story! What a line! Did he kneel down right then? I can't wait to read the rest!