Thursday, January 28, 2010

News flash (kinda)

Well, here is a news flash.

We moved.


I know, very predictable.

It has been 5 times in the last three+ years.

You'd think I would have weeded every superfluous bit of stuff out of my life.

But no.

It just keeps growing.

I've always been a sucker for castoffs. Especially free castoffs.

So I cast off some things in order to make room for new, cooler castoffs.

A problem, maybe?


Anyway, I think I may just post in my silent 8am house.

You see, school here STARTS at 8 am. So I get up at 7, get the two school-going kidlets off, and then I wait (usually as I do last night's dishes--shhh! don't tell flylady my sink isn't shiny!) until the rest of the family wakes up. (oops--i spoke too soon. the other two kidlets just came down, bleary-eyed and cheerios-hungry)

I've tried to go back to sleep, but I eventually only waste time and listen to my racing thoughts.

I have done many productive things--
* I've started familysearch indexing. (actually quite fun!)

* I've helped mud and then paint and then wire and finish a downstairs office.

* I've moved what seems like a mountain of stuff to the aforesaid office.

* I've rearranged my bedroom (used to also be the home office) to be an actual bedroom.

* I've made space in the garage twice to fit our van.

* I've fallen on a patch of ice on the driveway, cutting a giant hole in both my only good pair of jeans and one of only two good knees. (i think i cried more for the loss of the jeans than the skin on my knee)

* I've made a few meals.

* I've made COUNTLESS trips to the grocery store for milk. (did you know that my little family can down 6 gallons of milk in 4 days? And I don't even drink it--I used the powdered stuff on my morning cereal because I can't really tell the difference--I know all you dairy lovers are throwing up a little in your mouths, but, on the good side, it is quite budget-friendly!

*I've opened piles of mail which then threaten to drown me in a paper version of quicksand. (does anyone have any ideas for getting rid of paper? would you like to come over and recycle all of mine--just ignore my protests that there is actually something important scrawled on it somewhere)

This is not an exhaustive list, but I am exhausted typing it.

Now, I don't want you to fall on the floor (after you just picked yourself up after seeing 2 posts from me in 2 days), but I am going to post pictures of our new house!

Here you go:

the front of the house
the amazing kitchen (with a pantry and TONS of cupboards!)
the huge backyard with endless possibilities (and a huge layer of snow right now)
A beautiful family room with a great fireplace/mantel and a view of the mountains!
The room that will house the fantastic grand piano! I'll post pictures once it gets back!
Well, there you go. Four bedrooms upstairs, kitchen, family, and piano room on the first floor, and then an office, cold storage, and a possible 2 bedrooms and 1 bath in the unfinished (except for the amazing office) basement.

Lest you should think it still looks this way--why do you think I posted the empty pictures? Because they looked a lot nicer than the ones with boxes all over!

Talk to you soon!


Tera said...

Love your kitchen, looks like you could really enjoy cooking in it! Happy unpacking!

TM CLAN said...

When I read this I felt exhausted, compassionate, and then excited for your new home. Looks like life is great...well everything except for the knee. I assume you are still in Utah with ice comment. And I too am insulting fly lady with my leftover dinner dishes in the AM. **)

Photo's by Shan said...

Oh my gosh!!! I had no idea that you had an amazing, new, gorgeous, stunning, huge house!!! Wanna trade? hehehe

Tara Brooks said...

Gorgeous! Where is this beautiful house?