Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Subtle message

So, if one's mother were to say,

"You have a nervous energy. You would rather work on this family history on the computer than, say, clean the bathroom."

How am I supposed to take that?

She has always been very honest with me. I remember when I came home from my first semester at BYU, and she immediately said,

"Wow, you sure are eating well at school."


Maybe not so subtle.


Tera said...

Better she says it to your face. You know where you stand with her. I remember reading an email my mother had written to my grandmother...about me. In it she said I was gaining weight. It hurt to read it. But it especially hurt because she would never had said it to my face but would to someone else when she never thought I would find out.

Liz said...

This makes me laugh! It reminds me of when my mom said something like she was so grateful that none of her daughters were beautiful...Oops! :)