Sunday, January 14, 2007

I got it goin' on!!!

I finally sat Larry down and made him help me put pictures on my here goes!

Introducing Sarah! She just turned three months old, and she is a DARLING!!!! She has two ear infections (nice gift, eh?) and is coughing hard enough to make herself vomit (sorry to the queasy stomach people!). But she is as cute as can be and has been a trooper through it all. We love you baby Sarah!

Lauren is a hoot! Her new things are "mo" (means no) and "boo" (peekaboo). Typing out the words just isn't the same--you gotta hear her say them!

William is William. He keeps me on my toes. His new thing is telling me that he needs lipstick. I keep reminding him it is chapstick he needs, but I guess he likes the sound of lipstick better. We read an I Spy book tonight--he is quite the observer!

Hadland's goal in life is to ruin every photo he is in with his goofy faces. Maybe I will someday embrace the goofiness, but it might not be today!

We're finally on our blog--hip, hip, hooray!


cherie said...

ooooh i LOVE seeing pictures of your fam. HOORAY!!

Buzz said...

Happy Day! Happy Day! There are pictures on your blog! I love it!