Thursday, January 04, 2007

The snow is here!!!

I am so happy today! The snow has finally come. I went out and played (and shoveled snow) with William and Lauren, and we had a GREAT time.

It is the little things that make a difference. Some snow and some cocoa (stirred with candy canes)--it just doesn't get any better than that!!!

Its been snowing all morning and the view from my front room is incredible!

Life is good!


Tara Brooks said...

How funny, we spent the last week (traveling to Texas) doing everything to avoid the snow. hee hee! I didn't want to be driving in it.

Tiffany said...

We love snow, too!! Quinten is not too crazy about his hands getting so cold. It is pretty funny.

cherie said...

yippee! so glad it finally made it your way!

Buzz said...

I love the picture! Your view is AWESOME! I love the Snow! Ready for some sledding?!