Tuesday, June 03, 2008

I did it!

Yesterday my family (sans Big Daddy) drove to SoCal. And it was amazing. We fixed our DVD player in the supervan, and we laughed through three states (actually four). We watched Mr. Bean, National Treasure, Napoleon Dynamite, and listened to Shakespeare's Secret (it is a book, but I can't figure out how to underline--Whattie, please forgive my English incorrect-ness).

But the coolest thing? I filled up at home and then once in Vegas, and I still have more than 1/4 tank left. SWEET! And we already had In N Out. Just couldn't wait.

This vacation is already off to a good start.

Oh, and the "I did it!" refers to making it to CA without maiming any of the little ones!


Melissa Basua said...

You go girl!!! You did It! I think you are amazing. Have a blast! And you know I am JEALOUS!!!
Plus you are blogging from a different state!! WOOHOO!

Tara Brooks said...

I'm impressed. Not sure we are going to make it from Texas to California next month without any casualties. I'm really not sure we'll make it through the first month off of school, we'll just have to see.
Have a great time in Cali!

cherie said...

have fun!!!!! it's so crazy that most of us are no longer there. but we will always have the memories!!

Sweetarita said...

I am so Jealous that you are already on vacation!!! We are still going stong till the end of june with school!!! Can't wait to see you in August! Have a great time with your family and enjoy Cali!

The Cooks said...

That is so awesome! I heard that you were at the old ward! Sorry we missed you. What are your Cali plans? Way to go on the driving this, can't believe it - all by yourself. What a woman!