Friday, July 04, 2008

A friendly face

Ok, so the plan was for Larry and I to run the Freedom 5k today in Provo. Only we have four kids who don't run (or get up early for that matter). So Larry did "daddy duty" (translation: slept in) this morning while I ran. This is only my second 5k, and the first one was really hard for me. And I was doing it by myself. Well, me and my iPod. (important distinction) So I was excited but also feeling a little lame for being a loner.

So I get there, park, and walk to where the race will start. I don't have anyone to take my picture or hold my keys, so the camera (and everything else) stays in the car, and I tie my keys to my drawstring. By this point, I am feeling quite sorry for myself that I don't have any friends or anyone to cheer me on. (note to self: make EVERYONE get up and be my cheering section next time)

Then I saw Mark Child. Happy day, calloo callay (I probably misspelled that). He is my sister's father-in-law. He promptly showed me that his wife, Deb, was also running. Isn't a friendly face such a blessing? We commiserated on our latest endeavor, and she pointed me in the direction of port-a-potties. (Yes, a huge blessing) As I was walking to the potties, I spotted Shauri, MY sister-in-law (what is up with all these in-laws? Can't the Woods get their acts together and be active? :). She was there with Benjamin, my lightning-fast nephew who, I am sure, cannot fathom why anyone would run as slow as I do. (actually, he is very nice to slow ole me)

The Lord was surely giggling at me today. I was feeling sorry for myself, and then He just made friendly faces come out of the woodwork (in fact, my former bishop's daughter was standing right near me as the race started) to let me know I wasn't a loner. I am sure He giggles a lot at the silly thoughts I have. I really am blessed. For so many reasons. Not the least of which is that I had a rockin' playlist for my run! What a difference that makes. (note to self: don't put any classical music on a running playlist, no matter how "peppy" the piece may be) Gotta love the Police, Journey, and a little big band music to swing my stride! Every new song brought a smile to my face!

Mission accomplished (and only a smidge slower than last time)! Go me!

By the way, Benjamin was SIXTH in the whole race (third in his age group) with a time somewhere around 16:30. YIKES!!! Needless to say, I wasn't. At least he wasn't TWICE as fast as I was (pretty close, though). My time was around 30:15. Pretty good for an old fart! (Compared to Benjamin, that is--I am one spring chicken compared to my old geezer mom!) Just joking, mom--you ROCK!!

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The Cooks said...

I can't believe we missed each other in Utah. More importantly I can't believe we missed each other at the race. I run either the 5K or the 10 K every year. I was totally there. This year was even more crazy. Since Kenny was gone for two months I was there and pushed the two boys as well! What a crazy thing to have missed you by nothing more than a park between us. NEXT TIME!!!!! for sure!!!