Wednesday, May 28, 2008

I am sorry that I whine

Do you remember when I was complaining about scouting? That I wondered if the program was more for moms than the scouts themselves?

Well, first of all, I shouldn't be whining about that. That's dumb.

And second, the scouting program ABSOLUTELY knows how much the moms of the scouts do. That is why the moms get a pin when the scout advances. No one else gets a pin, only the long-suffering scouting-supporting mom.

I feel validated.

But, in my opinion, they shouldn't make the pins so camouflage-y. They should be yellow or red and jump out at you as you pass by and say, "Pat this mom on the back--her son has done something cool in scouts."

I would wear the prototype. I'm serious. I need all the pats on the back that I can get.


Tara Brooks said...

I'd give you a pat on the back!
But since I'm so far away, can a cyber-hug do? ((((HUGS)))))

I love yah Melanie! You are a great mom and friend! Have a wonderful day!

Carl and Kristen said...

LOL, I've been in scouts for over a year now (kinda my destiny with 4 boys and all), and I was thinking maybe we should get a gift certificate for a massage or something....some of my cubs can drive me a little crazy, but I wouldn't want any other calling right now! :-)

Carl and Kristen said...

Oh yeah...and yesterday I was cravin that YUMMY broccoli salad you made for my baby shower ages ago!! If you still have it, could I get it please?!!