Monday, November 17, 2008

The apple falls FAR from the tree

As I went to sleep last night, I happened to glance over at my daughter sleeping on a mat in my room. What I saw warmed my heart at the same time it completely surprised me. My daughter was curled up on her pillow, cuddling a little baby doll. How sweet! And so unlike me. I think the first babies I ever cuddled were my own (or maybe my younger siblings--although my memory is so bad that I don't remember). I was never a "doll girl". I was a trampoline, soccer, park, bike girl. Not that being a doll girl doesn't have its merits...I just didn't have those merits (or rather, I didn't have them in abundance--how's that for positive?!). I have to say that seeing her there, being a mini-mommy, really touched me. So I turned over in bed to Larry and said, "honey, look at Lauren, that would be such a sweet picture" and promptly she opened her eyes and was completely awake. YIKES! Who sleeps that lightly? NOT ME, that is for sure!


TM CLAN said...

I remember playing with dolls and pretending to cook and using my pretend vacuum and cleaning our outside shed so I could pretend it was my house. Oh, and riding my bike pretending it was a car.

Maybe I pretended too much and now I want to play another game. Maybe I want to play trampoline, soccer, bike, and park.

Seriously, sweet though.

Thunell Family said...

sweet little Lauren. I love that "dolly" time...they grow too fast!

liz said...

I'm so glad you posted that moment! I love picturing her with her eyes WIDE OPEN and AWAKE!