Sunday, November 09, 2008

The beauty of a laugh

You need to understand that church worship for us is a monster undertaking. I play the organ for our meetings, and we have four active children. It may not make sense to many of you that those two sentences are related.

But they are.

You see, my wonderful husband plays "single daddy" for more than half of the general worship meeting at our church (called Sacrament Meeting). Now for a mom, that seems like no big deal. We "single parent" all the time. Everyday. All day long (and sometimes into the night). But for a dad it is a little intimidating. Add another layer for the fact that our children should be on their best behavior so as not to disturb the worship of the others of the congregation near us. Add another layer for the fact that our family has been blessed with strong voice capacities. Then add another layer for siblings that can use their superpowers for good and evil (but usually the latter :).

Boy, that is a lot of layers. Kind of like photoshop. But not quite.

Fast forward to after church.

I meet Larry in the car, and he is laughing. With oreo crumbs between his teeth. That makes me laugh. So we are both laughing in our car after church.

And the reason that I am blogging about something so insignificant is that, for us, it isn't. It is a big deal. We are laughing.

Larry made a wise observation.

"It is a lot more fun to laugh than cry."



Sweetarita said...

Amen to that Sista!! Amen to that! I love you both!

liz said...

AMEN and AMEN. Your blog is hilarious after I just wrote my blog. I smiled as I watched the goings in and goings out today. It IS something to laugh about! And YOUR SITTING DAYS WILL COME! You are the best! Thanks for being my friend!

Tiffany said...

You guys are such an example to me of finding joy in the journey! Ah, oreos... they seem to make my life better, also.

Yesterday during sacrament I was chanting, "This too shall pass, this too shall pass. We are here creating good habits!"

cherie said...

you have a wonderful way with words my friend. and i also love the way you find joy in the craziness!