Wednesday, January 07, 2009

Bye, bye, Michael!

Well, with tears in our eyes and our ears buzzing from the "poppers," we said goodbye to Uncle Michael. My little bro has been living with us for a few months, and we are really going to miss him. I think the kids are going to go through major uncle-withdrawal once they figure out that their cartoon-watching buddy has left only to return for a few Sunday dinners now and again. Seriously, though, it has been so wonderful to have him with us. Since he is many years younger than I am, I only remembered him as a little kid (and not always fondly). I left home before he even left elementary school. He has grown into a good man, a fun and caring man who ALWAYS had time for his attention-starved nieces and nephews.

So, untal mi-tal, if you are reading this, WE MISS YOU and WE LOVE YOU!!!!! Remember you always have a warm bed, warm meal, and hugs and loves here waiting for you!


TM CLAN said...

That just makes me miss my brothers. Sweet.

Melissa Basua said...

It is so hard when an uncle or aunt moves out! We know! It is good they had a chance to grow closer to him while he was there!

liz said...

You are a generous sister, and you gave a gift of love that will be long remembered, I'm sure. How lucky the children were to have that association.