Wednesday, January 28, 2009


I sometimes wish I had more self control. I wish that I could have taken a picture tonight instead of getting angry. As I stood at the sink washing out soiled clothing (with what do you ask?), I remembered I didn't get a photo of the fiasco. As Larry and I were working in the garage getting ready for our move, William opened the door and said, "Sarah stuck her hand in the peanut butter and it is all over the carpet." Needless to say, I had many pictures in my mind of what had happened, but for the first time, it was even more messy than I had imagined (possible? I didn't think so). Sarah was sitting, in her pajamas, about 2 feet away from the TV spouting "Snow White." (the TV was spouting, not Sarah.) Both hands were completely (and I mean COMPLETELY) covered in creamy peanut butter. Her face was covered, most of her pjs were covered, and there were several large streaks of peanut butter across our rug (thank goodness not the carpet). I totally freaked out, questioning my other two children who were in the same room. William told me that he was so close to the TV that he didn't notice his little sister behind him (and I am talking inches behind him). YIKES! Not exactly what I was hoping for tonight, to say the least. You will just have to imagine what she looked like.

On another note, can I just say that I love nephews? Our two strapping young lads that live in our town came over tonight and brought everything up from the basement in to the garage. What a wonderful thing! If you don't have nephews, I wish for you a future with some! They are pretty spectacular (and pretty cute, too).

Does this post even make sense? I wrote it in several installments and I didn't read what i had previously written. I hope it comes across the way it was intended.


Tera said...

Oh wow! I can only imagine. And peanut butter is so greasy and doesn't just easily wipe up. Too bad you didn't get pictures, it would have been great to have a laugh - not at your expense though. It's hard to keep your cool sometimes isn't it? It makes me glad that Brynna's artwork today was only pen! Keep trucking, when it rains it pours! You can never just have a big project to accomplish without someone adding to it!!!! Love ya!

liz said...

This post is hilarious! Next time I bet you'll get a photo. I can only imagine why you were upset first: hmm, haven't been sleeping as much, working every day like crazy, and just a tad of stress as you get ready to move. You're just fine! Think of all you have accomplished in service to your family this week and this one minor event will not seem big at all. In fact, you can let go of the blow up and just enjoy the hilarious memory picture of peanut butter. What a crack up! You (and your children) are the best!

Thunell Family said...

Yes, I would have looovved to see a photo. Peanut butter...hmmm...well, I guess it's better than Vaseline? or maybe not. You should be the judge. You've dealt with both!! You're amazing. I'll just leave it at that (of course, I could go on and on...) How did your move go? Thinking of you. Love you!