Friday, April 24, 2009

A great weekend

By way of explanation, my husband never gets to do anything fun with the family. Works all the time, like a crazy person. Sometimes that makes me a little crazy too, but it makes us all appreciate our "daddy time."

On Saturday, Larry took us swimming. It was SOOOOOO fun. William even mentioned in his prayer that night how great it was to have Daddy come with us. Times like these just make my heart smile.

Then, on Sunday, an amazingly beautiful Spring day, we went on a picnic, Daddy included. Two days' activities with Dad. LUUUUCKY!! When Larry got in the car to go with us, Lauren said, almost jumping out of her seat, "Daddy is coming too?!!!!! YA-HOO!"

So here are a few pics from the -nic. Enjoy!

Larry was enjoying the relaxing family time so much that he fell asleep on the blanket!

Lauren and Sarah love their food.

Don't you just LOVE the mountains behind me? I am such a mountain mama!

Hadland is the king of funny picture faces! If I could get him to do a real smile--it would be a MIRACLE!

William, on the other hand, is always waving at the camera.

I am working on the photos--and we'll be back with more! ( like when we had more family time with Daddy on Monday for family night!)


Melissa Basua said...

I love daddy days! The kids are getting so big!

Thunell Family said... just makes life complete when everyone is finally together. Love hearing about your family time and seeing everyone so happy and relaxed. Love you all. (Uncle Neil is out in the casita right now. It has been so much fun having him here tonight!)

Sweetarita said...

I ama jelous that the grass is green but so happy you guys had a great weekend! Love you!

liz said...

It is so good to "hear" your voice and see your smile again! I love yoU!

Corri said...

What beautiful pictures!