Monday, November 06, 2006

a note from the bleary bunch...

We love our Sarah!!! We love to sleep, too, but I guess one out of two ain't bad. I have a lot of respect for parents of several children because I am realizing that taking care of a couple of children is NOTHING compared to trying to deal with a screaming infant, a screaming toddler, a sassy four-year-old and a "selective hearing" seven-year-old. But, I am glad to be a mom. (And I am open to any and all parenting tips you all can give me.)

We are all looking forward to the first snow. Larry told Hadland about trick-or-treating back in Barnwell in a blizzard, and so H was hoping for some snow on Halloween. But no white stuff yet. Hadland is going to be a funny one to watch in the snow because he is so excited. I will definitely have the video camera out for that one!

I am a little worried about the harsher weather--I can't even remember to put on a jacket until I go out and FREEZE outside. All the locals here think this is such a mild fall, and we are chilled to the bone. I just have to be sure to keep my kids well-clothed especially Sarah. I just think that if I can keep socks, shoes, tights, and jackets on the kids, we'll be fine!

Also, we had a "small world" experience at church yesterday. Kory Checketts (and his wife) are in our ward. How old is he anyway? Last time I saw him, I think he was in elementary school. Man, I think I was even his piano teacher. Time sure flies!


Tara Brooks said...

I am far from being qualified to give parenting tips, but I can pass on the ones others have given me.
I've been told that when you have a baby....for the first year of his/her life, let the house work go. Don't worry about cleaning, cooking, laundry. Do what is absolutely necessary and nothing more. The most important thing to do, is to hold, love, and play with that little baby and the other kids. This also includes NO evaluating your performance as a parent during this time. With a new born, any such evaluation will be seriously slanted against your favor (in your mind at least, others think you are amazing no matter how dirty your house may seem to you). Just tell yourself that by sitting and staring at your little one asleep (instead of doing the bazillion things that you should be doing), IS the thing you should be doing. Once that year is up, you can ease back into having dinner on the table and a clean house with clean laundry in the closets and drawers (do people really do that anyway?).
Love you bunches. You are such a cool mom.

Melissa Basua said...

You are a great Mom!! I miss you! Love Melissa B.

Tiffany said...

Babies and sleep... Should those words go in the same sentence? Connor is 7 months and is still waking up between 8-12 times a night. Certainly don't have any good parenting advice but I can relate with your exhaustion!

I keep asking myself, "What is the most important thing you should do at this moment?"

Love you lots!