Monday, November 20, 2006

Grateful? OF COURSE!!!

I knew that I needed to post something new (since each day I check it to see if anyone has posted a comment--I'm so glad to get those!!!!), but I didn't really think I had anything positive to say. My days are full of "mommy stuff" and it isn't always a pretty picture. Those of you with kids can relate, I am sure.

So, after I clicked on some of my favorite blogs this morning, I decided to be a TOTAL copycat (sorry Cherie), and do a "week of gratitude" on my blog. Since today is day one, here are some of the things I came up with:

* a loving, supportive husband who asks me hard but important questions
* a newborn who only woke up once last night
* a little girl who can charm my socks off with one super-smile
* a boy who loves to play in the dirt with his boots on
* a boy who is so much like me it is kind of scary (but I love him for it)
* a home that keeps me warm when it is cold outside
* the ability to make AWESOME chocolate chip cookies
* new jammies from a thoughtful sister
* all the ingredients for "yam and apple" in my house as we speak
* music, music, music
* knowing most of my "kindred spirits" are but a phone call away

Thank you, Cherie, for giving me the impetus to chronicle some of the MANY things I am grateful for. And any of you who are having a pity party, try this...and the party's over!!!

to be continued...

1 comment:

cherie said...

i loved reading your list, melanie!! can't wait to read more.
and i'm so glad you wanted to join in. the spirit of gratitude really can do a world of good!
hope you are doing well.
love you!