Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Time for a change...

I have been inspired. A good friend just blogged about a haircut, and I realized that I am WAY overdue!

My hair is now to the middle of my back, all one length (if you don't count the hairs that have broken off near where I put my ponytail holder), and I desperately need a change.

So the call goes out--what do you all do when you need to find a new style? Do you look in those magazines? Do you watch the celebs? Do you ask you mom/sisters/friends/significant other??What I really need is someone who knows me, who knows what would look good on me, and who can realistically tell me if I have it in me to style my hair the way it needs to be.

Any ideas, anyone? Does anyone know a ROCKIN' hair stylist in the Ogden area? Does anyone know a good style for a girl with a round face (think pie tin) and longish hair? I am ready for anything! Just something new.


Tara Brooks said...

As self-proclaimed Queen of changing hairstyles...hee hee, I have TONS of info. However, too much for a blog. I sent you an email. I hope it helps in your search for your perfect hairstyle. Whatever you end up doing, I want pictures though!

Buzz said...

You go girl! Don't be afaird would be my advice. Along with hair always grows back! HEe HEE I love my hair and will probably always have it like this. Change is scary, but GREAT!

cherie said...

come now, melanie, pie tin?? ;)
my advice would be to get a haircut that you can easily do on a daily basis. if it's something that only the hairdresser can pull off, than it might be too much work.
maybe you could cut it shoulder length with long layers and then textured around your face. i have heard that if you have a round face to avoid chin length hair.
i went to phazes salon when i lived there. it's next to the newgate mall. hah! you o-town girl, you!!