Friday, September 26, 2008

Thanks for all the great advice!

As usual, I am feeling better today than I did when I wrote that post the other day. Thanks for letting me vent, but also thank you for taking me seriously and giving me some new things to think about. I actually took my kids to the park last night after dinner and before bedtime, and they went to sleep when asked!!!! Oh my goodness. I'll have to repeat that sometime (when I have dinner on the table before 7 p.m.--not a frequent happening around here!)

On another front, I went to see a podiatrist yesterday. Since this summer I have been suffering with a sore heel on my left foot which turned out to be plantar fasciaitis. After seeing the doctor (who knew exactly where to push on the most painful part of my heel--do they teach that in medical school? ACK!), I decided to get some orthotics to correct my super-flat-footedness, and a shot of steroids to help with the immediate pain. And if I thought him touching my heel was painful, there was no preparing for the excruciating horror that was the steroid shot. It absolutely took my breath away. But I walked out of the office with no pain! He told me to expect some aching the next day, but by Sat or Sunday, I would most likely be out of pain. However, last night the pain came back with a vengeance. Maybe this is just the "ache" stage, but I am not too hopeful due to the fact that it is even more painful than before. YIKES!! Can anyone suggest some supportive, stylish shoes so I don't always have to wear a cute outfit completed so wonderfully by running shoes?

As a last note, yesterday was my dear sister's birthday. Happy Birthday, Laurel!! We all love you and hope you are having a wonderful time with your sweet hubby!


Tiffany said...

shoes... the brand Ecco. They have different styles but are a little pricy. Every person I know feels they are worth their weight in GOLD!

it is sure hard to chase after active kiddos with a bum foot. praying for you!

Corri said...

The company "Footsmart" has a great collection of stylish shoes that are good for your feet. You might want to look at their site. I know that it can be hard, though, figuring out which shoes will help with your own particular brand of pain.

Good luck!