Wednesday, September 03, 2008


First, I am not sure I can handle this blog background. It is a bit much for me, so I can't imagine how annoying it must be for many of you (not that anyone is reading this!). You may see another change here soon.

Second, the weather has completely changed! Since when has the weather changed from summer to winter on Labor Day Weekend. Not that I am complaining. We have spent so much time already during the day at the park because we aren't roasting to death out there! It is wonderful to be able to use the park between 11 and 5 instead of hiding out in the air conditioned house waiting for it to cool down. I actually wore a long sleeved shirt and long sweats on my walk this morning. Now that is a definite nod to the change in the weather. Bring on fall!

One more thing, I am now my ward's choir director. I have been going through music for the last couple of weeks, and I am LOVING it. Let's hope someone actually comes to practice. bring on the Christmas music! Do any of my Oxnard ward choir members want to move out here and be in my choir? Please? Pretty please?


Melissa Basua said...

The red is a little over powering, but not too bad!! So glad that you are back to blogging! Hope you week is going great!! Love ya!

Jaster Email said...

Hello Melanie! So glad to find your blog. You are an amazing woman and I wish I had your music ABILITIES. ;0) Have fun with the choir.