Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Be careful what you ask...

I just had to laugh today. I sent William late to school on purpose (it helps with the transition to class time for him, go figure!), and then a few minutes later I heard the door open and shut. I called out to find who it was, only to hear William's voice. I was a little alarmed to find him home already, but he walked in and said, "My teacher told me to have this signed and take it back to school." I looked at the paper, which I assumed was important and hadn't made it out of the backpack the night before, thus eliciting such an unexpected delivery. So I duly signed the form and handed it back to my beaming boy who then scooted off to school.

A few minutes later I was making my bed (or something) and heard some distant music which turned out to be my cell phone. I tried to get it but to no avail. I tried to ring back the person who had called (I didn't recognize the number), and I got the school office (YIKES!!). I stated who I am and why I was calling only to have the secretary hand the phone to the principal. By then I was sweating bullets. What had happened now? I said a quick prayer that I wouldn't bawl over the phone if it was something mortifying or horrifying. The principal very sweetly introduced himself and said that the crisis was over, but that they had lost William. Here's what happened: William got to school late, his teacher probably gave him the sheet of paper and told him what to do, and then she didn't think anything else of it. William, having received a direct command, decided to get it taken care of. He went directly home, got it signed, and brought it back--JUST LIKE HE HAD BEEN ASKED!! Where is the problem with that, I ask you? Poor guy, I bet he got a major scolding, just because he, like Amelia Bedelia before him, took his teacher a bit too literally.

I just love that kid. I hope his teacher (and the principal) do, too.

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