Wednesday, February 11, 2009

The mother ship has landed

Well, we are here in Ogden. We have already spied out the temple, the train museum, Farr Better Ice Cream, the Treehouse Museum, and so much more. We have figured out that it is only 1/2 mile to one of the Ogden River Parkway entrances--which will be AWESOME come spring for bike riding, running, etc. We also have a pool in our area that we can go to EVERY DAY in the summer. Can you guess what our summer will look like? Totally cool! (I hope, anyway--Utah summers are way too hot for my "native" California blood (I had to put native in quotes because I was actually born in Idaho).

Can I say something about moving? Well, maybe I shouldn't. I was taught that if you don't have something nice to say, you shouldn't say anything at all. I guess that sums it up. I do have one good thing though. Having a clean slate in a neighborhood is kind of nice. That way you can introduce yourselves to everyone and not have any awkward "just waving hi" relationships. And you get to be a 100% home and visiting teacher all over again. And everyone thinks your kids are great because they were well-behaved once in Primary. Life's little pleasures, right?

William's teacher reminds me of my mother-in-law. I think that has really helped him get settled quickly. He just loves Grandma Johnson. The first day I picked him up, Mrs. Ward said he was "EXCELLENT!" Gotta love that! He got in the car and said, "They don't give marks at this school!" (He had some behavior issues in his last class, and when he misbehaved, he got marks.) Everyday he comes home saying that he wasn't mean to anyone in class. It will certainly be a red-letter day when he comes home saying that he was nice to all his friends. We'll get there!

Hadland has had a little harder time making friends this time. Poor guy. He has never completed two years at the same school. This makes school #5 for him in the five years he has been in school. He is a trooper, though. Maybe we'll stick around a little longer this time. Who knows? We don't want to mess up his "winning" streak, do we? :) On a happy note, we got his class list to do valentine's, and there was a Kaileb Brandley in his class. I pounced on that and wondered if he was related to Scott (bro-in-law). He is, and I think it may be an opportunity to make a friend. Hip, hip, hooray. Thank goodness for Scott's huge extended family! We love you, Brandleys!!!

Lauren is still kind of wondering what happened to school for her. I told her that I would do school with her, but she is still waiting. I'd love to get some sort of song that helps learn letter sounds. William sang one in his preschool, but I don't remember it. Any help would be greatly appreciated! She and Sarah are sharing a room, and it is hilarious (and sometimes really annoying) to hear how long they goof around before going to sleep. I have to remind myself that some of my best memories are going to sleep with Laurel (quoting "Jabberwocky" and singing the Lawrence Welk and Donny and Marie show themes).

I think this move has been hardest on Sarah. She really missed her mom. Although I was always in sight, I was never truly available. I finally got the message when she kept saying "hold me, stand up." She didn't want to stay out of the action, she wanted to be right in the middle of the action and seeing it from my perspective. Smart girl, eh? She's getting more used to getting my attention (good for me, too), and we are slowing getting back in to a pattern where I can still be there for her and keep working and settling in. We'll get there, I just know it!

Well, Larry is lovin' life in his nice office down in the basement. I am willing to give up a playroom so that he can be working and not in the middle of all of our lives. He seems to be getting a lot done (or so he says), and that is a good thing!

I am slowly finding a place for everything and everything in its place. I love to be organized, and moving is an opportunity to have a fresh start! I am trying not to clutter up our new nest too much, and so far I've been reasonably successful. It is a tight squeeze, but I am working to make our new digs a home! We've been to our new ward, and I am excited to get to know some new friends. They even have a ward choir! And they sound pretty decent! We'll see what sort of mischief we can get ourselves into...


Tera said...

I've taken my kids to the treehouse museum when we visited my mom who lives in ogden! Fun Place. Glad to hear you are moved and that you all survived. Moving is hard and I can only imagine how hard it would be with 4 kids. Last time we moved I only had 2 and was pregnant with Brynna. Good luck unpacking!

Tara Brooks said...

I have some very fond memories of Ogden. My grandparents lived there for (what seemed like) forever.
Farr's is by far my favorite memory!
Good luck in your new home, I hope everything is going well for you guys. We miss you!

liz said...

Well, you asked for it! I will post a book on my book blog today for you. It's an ABC song. You may already know it. As for letter sounds songs, you could order a VHS video called "Rusty & Rosy: Letter Sounds Songs by the Waterford Institute. (Better yet, hopefully your library has it.) It is great. We watched it a multitude of times before giving it away. Part of me wishes we had kept it! But I still sing it to my children.
We LOOOOOOOOVED our candy bars yesterday. Thank you for that loving, delicious gift!!! We love hearing from you in every way we can!
Great job getting back on line. Wow, look at what you can do!!!