Saturday, February 21, 2009

I love finding free stuff on the internet

So, here's the thing. Math facts are hard for one of our amazing kids. He just struggles with the rote memorization of it. I've worried over it, nagged him, looked for ways to help him, but to no avail. When I was in grade school, I just memorized it. No questions asked. I just did what was asked of me, without complaining. Truth is, I actually liked it. I like predictability. I liked that someone could ask me some math fact, and I could pull it out of my memory--lightning fast. That doesn't seem to be the case with the younger generation. I worry about my boy not knowing his math facts, yet almost all of his teachers don't share my worry. He seems to be one of the more prepared students when it comes to math. Not to bash my boy, but that is truly scary. I don't want him to be mediocre, I want him to have the skills to be able to make change, figure out word problems in his head, without a calculator. yes, I know that every computer has a calculator built in. But did you know that we aren't always tethered to a computer? That we actually exist (or maybe even thrive) in a world apart from our computers. I want my kids to be able to figure things out all by their lonesomes. Is that asking too much? Sometimes I think I may be.

Well, I just had a conversation about just buckling down and memorizing the facts. I think it is important to have those things under one's educational belt. So I am motivated. And grateful for the internet because I found this. Basically, this is a free site dedicated to helping people get their math facts memorized. Addition, subtraction, multiplication, division. You name it, they will train you. Lovin' it! It must be the "need for order" personality within me that thrills to the idea that in only 3 five-minute sessions a day, you can train yourself to learn these facts. I even did a "workout" with the times tables. And yes, I still got it, baby!

So, check it out. There is all sorts of great stuff on this site. And, as always, if you have found something that has really worked for helping your kids with math, I would LOVE to hear about it!

P.S. savannah, thanks for the reminder that I need to post pictures. You are a great photo-cop!

P.P.S. I will try REALLY hard to get some pictures up tomorrow all about the kids and their cousins and the amazing snow fort they built this afternoon. Thanks for keeping me in line, girl!


Tera said...

I tried this with Jacob (he's in preschool and very math minded) and he got 27 in 5 min. not to shabby for a 5yr old! In Lauren's class in 2nd grade they had to do 100 in 5 min. Lauren unfortunately is not math minded and it took a lot of study for her, this might have helped! Thanks for the great find!

Melissa Basua said...

Thanks for the great find. I will be using this with Nik. He missed some important learning in his younger years and needs some help with the basics.

How is the potty training going? She is such a smartie I bet she is a pro!

You sound so happy. You are so great! YOu deserve the best my friend. I love and miss you tons!