Sunday, January 02, 2011

2011 here I come!

Remember me?

Well here I am, remembering a little of 2010:
  • being snowed in after Christmas
  • actually DOING a puzzle with my kids (1500 pieces, no less!)
  • enjoying Christmas Eve and Day
  • basking in the glow of William's baptism
  • seeing my children grow, learn, and come into their own
  • struggling with my own imperfections
  • seeking peace in trials (and finding it!)
  • loving my family and friends
  • taking in the beauty of the world that surrounds me
  • rejoicing in teaching children at church with my sweet hubby
  • cherishing that tall, dark, and handsome man I married 13 years ago!
  • having a blast teaching music classes in my home
  • looking forward to changes in myself in 2011 instead of beating myself up for 2010!
  • striving to love myself, my family, and my life!
Well, that may seem vague, but four months away from blogging has been a little too long for me to remember too much of what has happened (and my memory only applies to phone numbers and random people in Barnwell that I sent wedding thank-you notes to)!

I'll be posting more, but don't hold your breath--I'm imperfect, but I'll do my best!


cjaster said...

Hi Melanie! Loved your re-cap. Just thinking about ya today. Hope your family is well.

Tera said...

Oh man, I wish we lived closer so you could give piano lessons to my kiddos!