Monday, January 03, 2011

New year, new life

Well, I always make resolutions, and I always forget about them.

However, I have a little help this year with one of my goals: read scriptures more regularly/teach my children to read daily.

This year's theme for Primary (children's classes at church) is "I Know the Scriptures are True."

Love, love, love it.

They also want to instill a habit of scripture study, so we have a little poster where we can mark off the days we have read. So we've read everyday since we received it (yesterday--but don't knock it! that's longer than I keep most of my resolutions!)

I am also trying to be more healthy. That means figuring out what to eat (especially dinner). I made a mean beef stew tonight (thanks, tasty kitchen!), and tomorrow we're having split pea soup. I hope my kids don't die at the sight of green soup. The beauty of it is that we still have leftover stew, so whoever balks can fill a bowl of something else (if I let them--or maybe if they try the green stuff they can refill with stew). I am such a loving mother, I can hardly believe it!

One of my weaknesses is over-indulging in reading. Reading bad? It is when you don't remember you have a family, or when you don't shower for days or your garbage can next to the bed is full with empty chip bags and candy cane wrappers (it isn't right now, just so ya know).

I am trying to not chew while I read (and not even read that much). We'll see how that pans out. I am also going to get back on the treadmill. We have to set it up, but I WILL CONQUER IT! I'd love to do another 5K this spring/summer, so I'd better get moving.

Overall, this Monday has been fruitful. I am conquering clutter/garbage in my house, mind, and body one day at a time. But I am also going to be kind to myself. Starting now--putting myself in my nice will-be-warm, comfy bed and drifting to dreamland.

Good night.

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Sweetarita said...

I am so glad to see you on here!! I have been a lousy SL but I hope you know that I love you to bits and I love your goals....keep it up sista!!