Sunday, January 16, 2011

What a game!

Well, let's be honest. This post won't have pictures. So just turn on your brain image viewer and imagine all the fun we had this weekend.

The kids' school handed out free tickets to the Utah Flash (local NBA development team) game for Friday night, so being the fun-loving family we are--we went! What a night!

  • We started off with "dinner" at In-n-Out. I tried a double double with no cheese (I know--I just don't like it!), and I don't think I'll try that experiment again. The sad (well, pathetic, really) thing is that my hubby knows the "code" to my fave burger: hamburger w/no onions, lite ketchup instead of the spread and add pickles. I don't even have to prompt him anymore. In-n-out is our weakness--the only place we really go. I guess $1.95 is about as spendy as we get for a meal out...
  • Then we headed to Orem for the game. We all got in free (if you don't count the $5 parking--DANGIT! they messed up my "free" gloating privileges!) and sat right behind the north basket. They were actually pretty decent seats with plenty of up-front action at the hoop. Now we just have to get our kids to like to watch...
  • The Flash were down for almost the entire game (averaging about 20 points down), but they came back in the 4th quarter to send it to overtime where they won, 100-96! Woo-hoo! What a game for a first experience with the family, don'tcha think?
  • It also helped that there were 2 bounce-houses on the other side of the court (southside hoop). William got all hot and sweaty going down the slide while Lauren and Sarah bounced to their hearts content with the smaller kids.
  • One more thing--during one of the time-outs, the cheerleaders gathered a bunch of kids so they could dance on court. Of course, our little boogie-girl went out there and had a BLAST!!!! She was so cute. Totally out on the side, dancing her heart out. Sometimes I can't believe she is my daughter. She DEFINITELY inherited Larry's sweet dance moves! He even took some video on his phone--I'll see if a miracle may happen, and we can share it. Don't hold your breath, though! (just keepin' it real, ya know?)
There is our highlight reel. We're still trying to keep fed, clean, and clothed. We are mostly succeeding. Our family is enjoying the treadmill we just retrieved from being babysat by my little sis. The kids aren't allowed to watch TV after school, but if they want to walk/run on the treadmill, they can watch on the little attached TV. I've been spending about 30-40 minutes on there as well each day. I just hooked up my trusty Clearplay DVD player and watch all the DVDs I check out from the library. Funny thing, though. I planned to watch this movie for about 3 days, but after 2 days I was all done. I guess there were a lot of objectionable scenes because I lost about 30 minutes! What happened? I have to admit that sometimes I don't get what is happening because of deleted scenes. But I'd rather be confused than offended, that's for sure!

One last thing--tonight I made one of Larry's favorite childhood treats--butterhorns! It doesn't take too long, but the look on Larry's face when he bites in--priceless! He says I have mastered them. Now that is a treat for me!

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