Friday, May 16, 2008


Sarah got a new word this week--hands. She enunciates the "ds" part so well, I just love to hear her. And she still loves to say shoes. She walks around the house picking up, putting on, and walking around in any shoes she can find. She is so funny!

Tonight she and Lauren took a bath (not a regular occurrence in the evening at our house), and they had a bath. I got tired of hanging out on the toilet seat, so I took Sarah out and got her dressed for bed. I was putting away some clothes in her room when Lauren walked in to say that Sarah had fallen into the tub. I ran to the bathroom only to find a fully clothed (in footed pjs) Sarah lying on her belly in the lukewarm tub water. I just had to laugh. I had to locate another pair of pjs (not an easy feat today) and got her safely in to bed before she could get in any more trouble! A few minutes after all this took place, I was looking for a little sympathy and told Larry what had happened. I told him about the baths, and then I asked him if he could guess what Sarah had done next. He answered, "Poop in the tub?" Needless to say, that stopped my pity party right in its tracks--it could DEFINITELY have been worse than a soaked diapers and pair of jammies! Thank you, sweetie, for helping me appreciate the good times! :)

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