Monday, May 05, 2008

I'm getting old!

Well, it is official. I am getting old. On saturday I went to an indoor trampoline playground. I went with my fabulous sisters for a little laughin' and a little movin' and shakin'. We did plenty of all three!

My little sister Robin did a flip and made it look so easy. So what did I do? Yep--peer pressure did me in! (it is all your fault, Rob! :) When I finished flip #2, I landed on my butt, caught my breath, and jumped up only to feel a crazy twinge in my back. So now, two days later, I am getting better. I am so getting old, and I am BUMMED about it! I guess I just have to accept my "mature" status and get on with being prudent.

But I hate that word.

I'd much rather be jumping on a trampoline, wouldn't you?

And if you're worried that I have lost my nerve--I'm getting right back on that horse (menos flips, I think). I can be kinda mature, maybe!

P.S. Women's Conference ROCKED!!! And my house was clean when I got home! Yippee!


The Vastbinders said...

I know what you mean. I creak now when I get up from sitting or laying to long. :)

Sweetarita said...

You are my idol to even get on the tramp and try a flip. Hope your back is feeling better. We should think about doing a Johnson girl get together. Let's plan something for the summer when Doug gets married!

MelanieJ said...

L- I think we should AT LEAST get a little pampering for Doug's wedding. We certainly deserve it (at least you do!)

Are We Having Fun Yet??? said...

Sounds like you are having much more fun at your house than we are having here. :( You are brave though, I think I would be too wimpy to try a flip, not because I am getting to old (which I am) but because I certainly would embarass myself and end up breaking something. ha ha!