Friday, May 16, 2008


It isn't like I don't check everyone's blogs multiple times a day...and I just love seeing everyone's new posts...but I don't post? What's up with that? Maybe I am just boring...

My back is much better, thank you! And I am getting "back in the saddle" tomorrow. We got a trampoline of our very own, and we'll be putting it up in the morning. I think the kids are going to burst with excitement (at least I will). I can't wait to see our family having fun on it. So many memories on ours growing up...Jeremy's broken leg, sleeping out in the summer, laying out (some of my sisters even wore bikinis--tsk, tsk), and jumping until we couldn't stand it any more. I just love it when the memories can keep going to another generation.

But, no, I will not be doing any more flips...until I can figure out how to do it without injuring my back!

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Melissa Basua said...

Glad you are feeling better! And congrats on the new tramp! Way exciting! So here's to tired, safe, happy kids! Escpecially the tired part!