Thursday, April 02, 2009

Another William funny

I can't even remember what was said except for one little phrase, said to or about Lauren:

"for our own sins."

I kinda did an auditory double-take. Then I finished it, "and not for Adam's transgression."

Was he really partially quoting the 2nd Article of Faith? In regular conversation?

Does that mean gospel instruction is actually sinking in against all odds and wiggliness?

You betcha! I have hope! You should, too! :)

It reminds me of Elder Uchtdorf's talk (this is a link, but it doesn't look like it--CLICK ON "TALK") in last conference (one of his talks, anyway). Enjoy!


Tera said...

What a funny kid! Every now and again they can amaze us! Lauren's kindergarten teacher said some kids learn best when moving. That is Jake, he is always moving and then I am surprised when he answers a question! He was listening!

liz said...

Oh, don't you love catching those?! Hooray for William! That smart boy.