Thursday, April 23, 2009

Warning: Girl Stuff Ahead

To any man who may be reading this post, you may not want to. Girl stuff, ya know what I mean?

Ok, girls. Let's talk menstruation.

Not gross stuff, mind you. Just the cramps. YIKES!

I was just talking to my SIL today about what a bummer all that stuff is. It totally reminds me of my crazy back labor. Today as I was kind of moaning and complaining about my sore and aching back, I thought about how intense and amazing childbirth is. I thought about bringing a new life into the world--to love, to teach, and treasure. Incredible, isn't it?

But I still don't like cramps.

Does anyone have any chocolate? Ho-hos? Ding dongs? Brownies? ANYTHING?!!!!!!


Tera said...

You do know how to get rid of menstrual cramps right? Works without fail everytime I promise. Here's the secret!

...Get Pregnant! Then you won't have to deal with menstrual cramps for nine months of pregnancy and then, if you are like me, 12 months after the baby is born either! See! Perfect plan.

...Although, in its place you get morning sickness, aches and pains, sleepless nights and the pains of labor.

Oh well, you choose!

marymary said...

This post makes me glad my cramps went away after having babies. They are truly the pits. But yes, not as bad as back labor. I am your back labor sister, and I know your pain.