Friday, April 24, 2009

Potty training and all that entails

So, this morning Sarah tells me first thing that she wants to go potty. I think to myself, OK, we can do the panties thing today. I don't have a ton going on. So into the panties she goes.

She went THREE times in the potty. THREE! I was so excited that it was finally clicking in her mind that telling me that she needed to go potty BEFORE she wet herself. Actually, only the third time was she completely dry when she sat to use the toilet.

I was cocky, self-assured, ready for disaster. Oh so ready.

This afternoon my brother Michael and I took the kids to the amazingly wonderful and fabulous Treehouse Museum. If you are ever in Ogden and have kids under 12, you MUST go. Really. Truly.

So I vowed to myself to stay very close to Sarah so that I could ask her every 10 minutes or so if she needed to go to the bathroom. But I have four kids that all like different things and who LOVE the treehouse museum. Needless to say, I was separated from a recently pottied Sarah at a very important crossroads.

Yep. That crossroads involved poo.

I walked into the Doll Room where I found Sarah AND an interesting smell. My (and Michael's incidentally) first thought was, wow--a mom seriously needs to deal with the diapering of her child. Then my sweet daughter looked up at me and said, "Poopy in my bum." Shock registered on my face and then the adrenalin rush. I quickly got over to her, felt her "deposit" in her training pants, and ran to the bathroom. No wipes, no diapers, no extra pants, but yes, I did have extra training pants. I won't give details about the next few minutes, but I replaced her old panties with new, unsoiled ones, and left with a child complete with a huge wet mark in her crotch. No worries, right?

The fun continued. I think that first experience taught her that it was no big deal to just wet herself in public. Probably 3 more times as we visited the museum. I was shocked, totally overwhelmed, and finally just gave up. She was wet from the first accident, so any more wet would just add to her character, right? Right???!

I repent. I was cocky. And disaster hit. But nothing a little birthday cake and ice cream wouldn't erase. Gotta love food as comfort.

P.S. I am sure you'll understand why I didn't add photos to this post...

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TM CLAN said...

You are on a roll! Great writing AND how awesome you climbed that mountain. Looks like you all had so much fun.