Thursday, August 06, 2009

Our crazy/silly/roller-coastery story, part nine

Well, the weekend was, expectedly, a disaster. I was surprised that we made it back alive. And still speaking to each other.

As I reflected on my crazy feelings and wacko decisions, I found that I had some unresolved concerns. I felt that I hadn't been able to make my own decision about whether or not to get married. I felt pushed into the decision without being given the time to wrap my mind around such a huge step. I let myself "take counsel from my fears" and needed to figure things out. And fast. I knew I loved Mr. TD&H. I knew he was an amazing, loving, caring, unselfish, humble person. I loved all of that. I loved that he loved me. All of me. Even my psycho parts (which, I was finding, were not a few). I did need time. Time to sort myself out. Time to listen to heaven helping me make this all-important choice. I needed that divine help. I had been doing this on my own too long.

So I went to talk to my sweetheart. He was so sorry that I felt pushed into the decision. He wanted me to feel comfortable with my decision. He backed off and gave me time. That took a lot of love and faith, and I was so grateful.

About a week later, I came home to a wonderful surprise: Two dozen long-stemmed roses from him. They were the MOST BEAUTIFUL roses I had ever seen (and they are still unmatched--they were incredible!). I felt so loved. So patiently loved and cared for.

just an FYI--chapter four has a new picture--FINALLY! (that's for you Liz and Rita!)

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cherie said...

i love seeing your picture!!!
and i love reading your story. patient men are the best, aren't they? :)