Sunday, August 23, 2009

Our crazy/silly/roller-coastery story, part sixteen

Yep, it was the big day. I was very jittery getting ready, but Laurel saved the day and re-did the mess of hair I had made. I looked great, and I started to feel better and better. On the way to the temple I thought about the journey it had taken to get here. Definitely a roller coaster. But I had learned so much and grown and I was ready to take the big step of marrying my sweetheart for time and all eternity.

I don't remember much of that day, but a few things shine through. I remember Mr. TD&H stepping out of the car to greet me, and promptly dropping his white bow tie on the ground and stepping on it. I just had to laugh. He looked long and deep into my eyes, intense and hopeful, and I once again knew I had made the right choice.

I remember feeling so pampered and well-taken-care-of in the holy temple. I remember being surrounded by those who meant the most to me, especially that great man who was willing to go through this earthly journey with me through ups and downs. I knelt across the altar, clasped his hand, and tried to listen to the sealer without getting lost in those beautiful brown eyes. Every once in a while he would squeeze my hand and his eyes would twinkle. I loved thinking about the blessings and responsibilities that were now and would be mine if I was faithful. I felt an outpouring of love and gratitude that I was there in that holy place, making promises to him and my Heavenly Father. I have felt His help from that moment on. I have always felt that the word "sealed" meant so much more that day. We were now one, leaving our own families to start our own, turning to each other and God to make it through.

I remember exiting the temple doors, my arm around my husband(!!!)'s waist, and beaming at all our friends and family that had come to be with us. What joy! We made it! We took picture after picture, laughing and smiling, being goofy and solemn, just grateful that we took the plunge!

I don't remember much more about the day, a whirlwind of luncheons and receptions, make-up and hair refreshing, and thanking people and receiving congratulations. I do remember being so grateful that the important part of the day had gone so seamlessly, so beautifully.

I am glad to be married to my best friend. Life isn't without its trials, but it is priceless to be able to struggle through it with one who loves you. That has been my greatest gift.

P.S. I will post photos, but right now my scanner is on the fritz. I promise that photos are forthcoming!


marymary said...

Loved it! You'll be so happy to have it all down in detail. I really need to do this for me with our story, but the task is daunting.

Corri said...

What a beautiful conclusion! You have a gift with words and I have enjoyed your story--your family will always treasure it.

Sweetarita said...

Awesome Melanie!! I can't tell you how great it was for me to be there that day and be able to see my brother/my other half marry you!! I remember how beautiful and glowing you were- seriously radiant!! and how happy you both were. It was a fantastic day for all. I remember hugging Larry in the temple and crying so hard(I was Prego too-very emotional)but not because he was marrying you but because he had found his new other half!!
Love you bunches forever!!

The Cooks said...

what a great idea to write down the whole story! Yay for you!

Thunell Family said...

Oh my goodness!!! I have totally been missing out! I'll need to back-read. I am so glad you married eachother...a perfect pair. Love you both. Happy Anniversary!

cherie said...

love your story, melanie! and love you both!!

liz said...

Melanie, you are such a good writer! I wasn't even there but I could feel and picture and relate to your memory. I am sooooo glad that you took the time and persevered to finish this marvelous story. What a treasure you have! (Be sure to print it out and save it, too!) You are TD&H make a wonderful team!