Saturday, September 16, 2006

DADDY'S HOME!!!!!!!!!!!

So, this is the story of my life. I make all of these fun plans and they never work out as I imagined. Case in point: I went and got a posterboard yesterday that we could decorate to welcome Larry home. Then the entire family wrote and drew and all that. We didn't even forget it when we left to go to the airport. So far, so good. Then Larry got in a little early, I got a little lost trying to park the car, and we walked into the baggage claim area only to glimpse Larry from afar. As we got closer, I couldn't see him anymore. Then my cell phone rings. He is outside waiting for us. We didn't tell him that we had parked and that we had a surprise for him. So I told him that he needed to come back inside because we had something for him. So much for the big welcome with the kids and the sign. So much for my desire to get a picture of him being greeted by the family. Oh, well. He just wanted to get home, and I was trying to have a "moment." Larry is not really about "moments" anyway. But it is wonderful to have him home. More than I can say.

One cute thing, though. The minute Lauren saw Larry, she stood up from her stroller and latched on to his legs and wouldn't let go until he picked her up. You should have seen her face--she was positively beaming. She couldn't get enough of him. She was doing what I should have been doing (except that I was still being bummed about my fantasy "moment" not happenning). That girl sure does love her daddy. We all do!!

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cherie said...

glad the family is all together again!
darn those foiled moments. :)